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Manufacturers of the game Snail Battles offer you to subjugate a huge snail. Which can perfectly support the battle, and with it to go conquer the tribes of rivals. From the very beginning of the game, you find yourself in one universe, which appeared before all others. According to the idea of ​​the creators, it never stopped bloody wars. The player acts as commander in chief, to whom a small army. Which participates in many deadly battles and battles, is subordinate. Also, use hacked Snail Battles for free.

In the application of 100 different levels, the plot of which unfolds in 5 microenvironments. The most basic idea of ​​the game Snail Battles, which brought her such popularity among users. Aggressive battles take place on a huge snail with a strong shell, with powerful guns installed on it. Its capacity is limited to 3 units with the most powerful cannons. You can download Snail Battles mod apk for free.

Snail Battles codes

How to hack the game:

The game process consists in the fact that the weapon of movement very slowly creeps, and the player at this time should shoot on the territory of the opponent from the existing weapons. You are credited with gold coins when you defeat the enemies. Later they can be spent on improving their guns or acquiring new heroes. Use cheats to unlock all items and get free Coins.

Do not forget that every subordinate is good only in certain battles, for which he has a suitable option. If you correctly distribute all the forces, then, undoubtedly, you will win. So, for example, a player with a gun should be placed against strong defensive structures, and a soldier with a machine gun – against an opponent’s infantry army.

Also in Snail Battles there are a large number of bosses who do not like shots from a flamethrower or crossbow. The key to a quick and easy victory is a quick change of gun. But, here comes the most important drawback: to increase the speed of recharging, you need to make real money, so that the game could develop further, because access to it for all interested free. Control is adapted for touch android devices.

Snail Battles mod

Secrets and Tips:

An ancient snail moves independently, but the player needs to timely reload guns and accurately aim in the territory of rivals. At the very top of the device screen is information that indicates the number of lives and stock of cartridges. The graphics of this game emphasize all the harmless and positive emotions of the creators who created it for the sake of joking. You can download below the already hacked Snail Battles in which there will be a lot of money.

Mod Snail Battles – an exciting arcade game with cartoon graphics and funny characters. In the game you have to saddle a huge snail-mutant, and in a company with three characters to ride on it, freeing along the way numerous lands, captured by evil trolls and other dishonesty. This will help you a large arsenal of weapons, provided in the application, and more than twenty characters to choose from. Also, try new hacked Robbery Bob and Case Simulator 2 for free.


The hacked Snail Battles presents a dynamic plot, strongly seasoned with numerous adventures and shooting. More than three riders can not carry a snail, so decide which of the declared characters you prefer, and do not forget that each hero has unique qualities and skills, as well as the type of weapons.

Snail Battles cheat

The application contains many different levels and tasks. Drive on a large snail, destroy enemies from large guns, overcome all obstacles and obstacles. At the end of each level, you will need to capture and destroy the troll tower, and then the victory will be final. The faster and purer you go through the mission, the greater will be the reward, which is issued in the form of asterisks. Collect points and experience, and exchange them in a specialized store for various improvements and weapons.

Cheats Snail Battles Hack, Android and iOS:

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There is a fashion for a lot of money for shopping. Carry along the wonderful world on horseback on the snail and shoot the roaming monsters, from small individuals to more impressive and dangerous bosses. In total, the game has more than one hundred levels, so you definitely will not have to miss. The graphics of the application are impressive, and executed in a drawing, cartoon style. Management is convenient and simple, it is only time to tap on the screen, and drag icons.


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