The company DAYDREAM GAMES LIMITED has released several bestsellers to the world. One of the latest games was a strategy called Space Commander game. You can download the game for free for Android, iOS. In it you can collect space commanders and take part in battles. The game allows you to develop your own tactics and promises an exciting experience. Hacked Space Commander, this is an opportunity to get crystals on account for free. Since money provides a significant advantage, it is an opportunity to quickly raise the level and unlock paid items.

About the game

The game takes place in the distant future, where you can become a driver of a spaceship. Space Commander for Android gives a unique experience of travel and opportunities. But apart from people you will meet in the universe representatives of other races, such as Plaza and Zec. The presented beings carry a danger to the existence of humanity, so you need to give them a rebuff. Therefore, you need to collect ships to participate in the war against other races. First of all, this is the protection of humanity, but you can also receive valuable rewards and bonuses for victories.

Space Commander mod

In addition to the battles, the gamer gets the job of creating his own army and developing a space station. Since each fight has a limited time, you need to inflict maximum damage to the enemy. Destroy enemies, defeat the mission and open new maps. During the battle you can use the skills and power of ships, and also use rockets, guns and shields. Choose the place where troops appear on the map and deal an unexpected blow to the enemy. Space Commander mod has dozens of types of ships and additional weapons. As a result, the results of the battle become unpredictable.

Awards and bonuses

When you perform tasks, you gain experience and raise the level. This way you get a chance to get additional maps and money from cheats Space Commander to strengthen your army. Without resources and combat power, it will be difficult for you to cope with the adversaries, but as soon as you have access to the crystals, the power of your army has no limitations. Because of the growing complexity, you need to develop your team and strengthen the ships. In the process of passing the game you will repeatedly change your tactics, having resources you become a favorite to win.

Space Commander codes

Unlimited (Gems) Crystals Space Commander and a lot of money, it’s also an opportunity to play in a variety of modes. One of the main and most interesting is PvP, Here you can meet your friends and show what they are capable of. Battles in real time, battles with each other, a high level of competition and unlimited opportunities. Also, use the hack of the new suoer game THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR.

Graphics in the game:

Since the development team has a lot of experience in creating popular games, here you will see beautiful 3D graphics. Modern design, spectacular animation and great detail. After downloading the game you become the main character of the film, while the sounds will help to plunge into the atmosphere of space battles. Cheats Space Commander for money and crystals, it’s an opportunity to get diamonds and access to powerful weapons and ships.

Space Commander cheat

Exciting gameplay with great tactical capabilities, unique scenes and exciting fights. A high level of competition forces players to make purchases. Working promotional codes, this is an opportunity to gain an advantage and unlock the paid functions.

Space Commander hack for Android and iOS:

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