Space Frontier 2 hack

Space Frontier 2 is the continuation of the game, the second part of the famous series. In it, you will perform simple actions to launch a rocket and set new records. Simple and exciting gameplay from ketchapp, this is an interesting gameplay and a huge amount of advertising. Each launch is a new attempt to set a new record. Move between planets and get money for new achievements. Hacked Space Frontier 2 is an opportunity to get additional coins and disable advertising in the game. The article contains codes for the Android, iOS platform that will give an advantage.

About the game

Since the first part was a real bestseller, the developers thought about the release of a new game. Downloading Space Frontier 2 mod has a number of improvements and advanced features. And thanks to simple controls, users of different ages can play. Travel on rockets, moving between planets, collect coins and accept new challenges for skills. Rocket upgrades will increase chances and allow you to collect more experience points. Also, try other hacked game SuperCar Racing for free.

Space Frontier 2 mod

Use cheats Space Frontier 2 for free. Every attempt is a new adventure and the opportunity to discover the planets. Improving the rocket and raising its level, you can reach new heights. A unique gaming system and endless gameplay give a unique and interesting experience. To dominate in outer space, you need to show the maximum height. Install new parts of the rocket to increase its range. Disconnect recycled items in time to fly up.

Game process

Ketchapp has become famous for its exciting ideas. Space Frontier 2 on Android gives you a unique rocket control experience. To launch as far as possible into space, you need to skillfully manage all layers of the rocket. Since travel depends on the power of the rocket, money must be spent on improving its performance. First of all, it is an exciting gameplay, this experience can be repeated an infinite number of times. And sharing achievements with friends, you can compete and share new records.

Because you can control the flight with one finger. It is enough to detach the elements in time to make an exact flight. Great results give you more valuable rewards and coins.
To get a lot of money Space Frontier 2, you need to make the longest flight possible. To do this, you need to detach the used parts of the rocket in time. If you disconnect the element too soon, the rocket will not be able to realize the full potential. If it is too late, the rocket will explode. Therefore, every action must be accurate, and work with missiles does not tolerate mistakes.

Space Frontier 2 cheat

Game features

• Endless gameplay, an exciting process.
• Ability to improve the rocket, improve its performance.
• Outer space will delight diversity.
• Leaderboard, the ability to compare achievements with friends.
• Unlock 50 solar systems and 50 types of missiles for use.
• Work codes Space Frontier 2, the ability to play without ads and restrictions.

Graphics and sounds

Since this is an arcade, developers have enough 2D graphics to implement the process. Enjoy the game, collect new types of rockets, discover new planets and do research. The environment looks bright and has a high degree of detail. Beautiful graphics, but simple design allows you to play on smartphones with an average configuration.

Each rocket launch is an opportunity to set a new record and show the best result. Sounds only complement the picture and allow you to plunge into the rocket theme. Using the Space Frontier 2 cheats, everyone can get extra money into the account. This method works on Android, iOS platforms. Thanks to unlimited resources, it is easier to set records and play more interesting.

Space Frontier 2 hack, Android and iOS:

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  • Disable advertising – 6P_c1wgcoW
  • 1,000,000 coins (code for a lot of money, free) – Aj_Gwhfp4G


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