Star Wars: Rivals is a game created on the basis of the famous movie. Star Wars is one of the most popular films in which there are many famous characters. with many famous stars. They were created by George Lucas in the distant 1997 and has hundreds of millions of fans around the world. The whole fever for the film, there are many games created by the plot and on the basis of this film.

ecently, the Disney developer team released the game in a trial run, it can be tested for free on Android, iOS. Probably, the developer is already popular with games such as Where’s My Water 2, Frozen Free Fall and others. You can be assured of the quality of the gameplay, and if you want to get more money then you can use the hacked Star Wars: Rivals. But, first of all, we’ll get to know the game.

Star Wars: Rivals hack

About the game

All users can downloadgame for Android, iOS. Many are waiting for an official exit for more than six months and free Pre-registration. You can download Star Wars: Rivals mod, which is available for free, there is also a version for iOS. Use the official download sites to use the secure version of the game.

In the game you will be immersed in the world from the movie “Star Wars”. As a result, after downloading the game you will be able to move into a fantasy world with individual planets and will fight other players online. Collect the team, equip it with a weapon, and participate in the battles of 1v1.


In the game you can unlock all the celebrities, use Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Gene, Krennik, Finn, Captain Fasmy and other heroes. You will needmoney Star Wars: Rivals to unlock all the stars of this game.  You will have extra money for winning difficult levels and battles. But you can get crystals and access to the legendary enemy only through the game store. Move to the arena league and meet rivals from around the world, Star Wars: Rivals cheats give access to all the items in the game and will allow using a variety of tactics.

Game modes:

You will fight with friends and other players 1v1 in Online PvP mode. The fighting is very dynamic, you need to be concentrated to win. Use the environment as a strategic advantage. Quickly act and defeat the opponent with your skills and weapons. Team fights, here you can form a team of different characters. As a result, a large number of diverse characters will increase your chances of winning. Special characters will increase the chances of winning. Combine a variety of skills to use cheat codes for crystals and get more money. The strongest characters in the game are worth the money, so it’s very important to buy paid sets, or to download Star Wars: Rivals hack.

Star Wars: Rivals cheats


You can choose a weapon. But it has advantages and disadvantages, they will cause damage and bring additional experience. Unlock Chewbacca, DL-44 Blaster and Boba Fett EE-3 and learn how to effectively use it to get victory over an opponent. You can see a high-level 3D graphics, a bright picture, smooth animation. This is a pleasant experience for fans of this genre, the game design corresponds to the film, explosive effects and beautiful locations. Graphics is a clear advantage of this game, but the big requirements for the smartphone limit gamers for download.

Нou can appreciate this game, and not only you. And all the fans of the film, exciting graphics, dynamic battles and a large number of characters and weapons. Here you can show your skills and get pleasure from battles. To get sets of game currency, follow the instructions and follow all the rules. In addition, if you are a fan of this game, you will also like the new game Paladins Strike.

Star Wars: Rivals Hack:

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