Stay Alive Survival hack

Participate in the survival of a new MMORPG game on Android. Stay Alive Survival, is a vibrant adventure with elements of shooter, strategy and survival. In it, you can explore new territories, fight with predatory animals and pirates. To survive, you will need extra money, a lot of health and a strategy for the game. Bonus codes will help to increase the level faster. Hacked Stay Alive Survival is a great way to get advantage in passing.

About the game

Start by choosing a character and go on your adventure. Downloading Stay Alive Survival mod has unlimited possibilities. First of all, this is survival and you need tactics to complete the quests. Destroy real opponents, repel attacks of animals. Any victory is an additional experience, food and coins. And the main task is to survive in difficult conditions. Strategic thinking and management skills will help to hold out as long as possible. Free cheats Stay Alive Survival will bring you unlimited cash

Stay Alive Survival codes

As a training game offers to perform several quests. Choose a skin, a sailor, pirate and inventor is available. You will always start with 100% satiety, health and thirst. During long journeys, the numbers will decrease. In the process of traveling you need to monitor all indicators, eat, drink and monitor health in time. With the help of boosters, you can restore lives.

Game process

Stay Alive Survival for Android has a small plot. By organizing a riot against the king of pirates, you and accomplices were exposed. To stay alive, everyone rushed to escape. In the process of completing quests you can find survivors and win the title of king. To do this, you need to hunt a lot, collect artifacts, conduct research and collect enough resources. Thanks to an extensive map and a large number of items, you can craft and collect resources on different islands.

Stay Alive Survival mod

Solve the riddle, collect rare items and get resources. New technologies will strengthen the position. First of all, you need to get acquainted with convenient control. On the left of the screen is the joystick move, on the right action buttons. Attack, collect resources and select items in inventory. To become a king, you need to assemble a team of assistants, dress them and equip them with weapons. Stay Alive Survival money helps you to quickly level up and unlock paid items.

Passing Tips

Learn to collect edible resources and close the issue with food and water. Each island has its own resources, additional loot valuable resources have secret places. But using codes, you will always be rich and have a supply of gold. Despite the abundance of coins, keep an eye on the indicators. Stay Alive Survival cheats will give an advantage in passing, but the victory will depend on your ability to survive. In addition, we recommend you to use other hacked games: Spinny Gun and 8 Ball Underground for free.

Stay Alive Survival cheat

Be careful when meeting with others, any of them will want to get your resources. Each item in the inventory can save lives, defeating a strong opponent, you increase the chances of winning. The game has nice and bright graphics. With a variety of resources, you get great experience and opportunities. Train your skills for battles in multiplayer mode. Follow the prompts and get game currency.

Stay Alive Survival Hack, Android and iOS:

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