Stickman Dismount – fun and addicting game for android, in fact, reminiscent of a game like Turbo Dismount. In the game you have to manage the drawing man, overcoming the mission behind the mission. In total, the game has to go through 7 game locations, which as the developers promise, will be more and more with each update. You will experience the dummy for strength in the game.

Each level represents a kind of attraction, on which you will conduct your tests. Initially, you can access the simplest – Ladder, and the dummy can only change the poses. Gradually, you will discover other fascinating levels: “Blades”, “Big Descent”, “Rabbit Hole” and others. Gradually, and your mannequin will be something available, or rather, you can put his vehicle. Use free hack Stickman Dismount, and also hack of the game MARVEL Battle Lines.

Stickman Dismount codes

Secrets and Tips:

In total, 6 types of vehicles are available in the game. You can use for testing a cart, chair, bicycle, motorcycle, jeep and sports car, but not immediately. To open new levels and transport you will need to earn a certain amount of game coins, which you can get by performing certain tasks. Many thanks to the developers of the game downloading Stickman Dismount mod for the lack of donat and advertising.

Your goal in the game is to skillfully launch the dummy at the start. The start button is periodically filled with energy, and from when you press it and how much you hold it, the starting speed of the dummy will hang. Well, during the test, you can also adjust the trajectory of the movement of the dummy, the more injuries and damage you bring to it, the more earn prize points.

The graphic component of the game is beyond any criticism. After all, for games of this genre, nothing is needed. All the details are drawn clearly, there is not too much on the screen, which could distract you from the gameplay. As for physics, then the developers tried, and the game turned out to be lively and dynamic.

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Mod apk and Cheat codes

The game does not need access to the Internet, but the lack of Russian language can not grieve, the text in the game is not important, but the essence of the game is clear and in English. Forward, beat your own level record! Below you can download hacked Stickman Dismount in which there will already be a lot of money to open a different mode of transport in the game and additional bonuses in order to play was more exciting.

Cheat codes Stickman Dismount – an arcade of the famous series of games about thin men. It proposes to draw a character through all the circles of hell, torturing him in a variety of ways. Initially, the player is available several starting levels, in which you must cause maximum damage. Having lowered the little man from the ladder, you need to collect as many points as possible. For a certain number of upheavals, somersaults and broken limbs, a certain number of points will be credited, which will be used to unlock the subsequent stages.

Stickman Dismount mod

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In the future, it will be possible to ride the hero on the car, throw it through the windscreen, and also put it to other tests. The visual part is typical for the projects of the series. The graphics are minimal enough, but stylish at the same time. The gameplay is not boring even after several hours of play.

The control is simple, it is carried out using the buttons responsible for the pose in which the character will initially be located. And by means of the button “Start” the most interesting begins: the hero is thrown out and sent to replenish the piggy bank with points. Stickman Dismount – a good arcade, lifting the mood for a long time.


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