It’s rare to find a gamer who did not play GTA. This genre is very interesting for users, so the developer Naxeex Publishing has released its version called Stone Giant. This free action game simulator is available for download on Android, iOS. First of all, these are free trips around the city and endless adventures and freedom of action. A unique game of its kind has a huge arsenal of weapons, equipment. Hacked Stone Giant will get a lot of money and free to buy things in the game.

Features of the game

In the beginning, you will play as a young guy who travels around the major cities of the United States. Magic abilities gave super strength and an opportunity to fight off the police and bandits. Use cheats Stone Giant for Android gives a unique experience and the opportunity to travel to different cities and transform into a huge golem. Passage of the game is accompanied by a variety of missions. Save people, destroy the organized crime of the city and use the ability to perform complex tasks.

Stone Giant mod

Special skills will help to destroy enemies, except for this you can buy weapons and other equipment. For a successfully completed assignment, you get Stone Giant money, valuable rewards are needed to buy new items and equipment. With the help of the transformation, you can play as a normal person, or use special abilities. In addition to the basic tasks, you can freely participate in street skirmishes, destroy gangs, fight with police officers. Each time you need recovery for healing and opportunities for further improvement. You can download Stone Giant mod, like in the games Mighty Army World War 2 and Pen Run.

Game process

Your level in the game is directly related to the level of crime. It is displayed with the help of stars, when the level of your criminal activity will be 4 stars or higher, this will attract the attention of the police. Special squads of soldiers are quickly organized to destroy you, this can be a real challenge for you. To get out of the situation alive, you need to use special abilities, weapons and additional equipment. The hacked Stone Giant is no different from the original version, only it does not have advertising, and the stock of resources is unlimited. For money and crystals in the game you can buy powerful weapons, popular cannons are available for purchase: AK47, M4A1, MP5 and others. They can be bought for money, paid things are available for crystals.

Stone Giant codes

As in GTA, you can use transport to move, in the game are available bicycles, motorcycles, cars, as well as supercars. Summing up, we can say that the game is a great way to spend time with a huge number of functions and opportunities. Do research, get a lot of money Stone Giant for free and enjoy free shopping.

Graphics and sounds

Because the game has beautiful 3D graphics, it’s nice to be in a virtual city. The controls are displayed on the screen, they are easy to use and easy to learn. In addition, beautiful effects and bright graphics make the game virtuosic and beautiful. Sounds perfectly complement the ongoing action and add vivid emotions.

Stone Giant cheat

Stone Giant mod many money can be downloaded for free, but using the codes you get the opportunity to play the original version of the game without limits. Follow the prompts and get a lot of money on the account for free. This is a simple and safe way to improve the game without breaking the rules.

Cheat codes Stone Giant Hack, Android and iOS:

1 000 000 money – VlxamBh2L2
50 000 crystals – CA7zxx8F13
Disable ads – OaeliaXEoF


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