Everyone once tried to play Subway Surfers, now you can experience this experience on a motorcycle. Subway Rider – Train Rush, this is a racing game from the famous developer Timuz Games. This adventure is based on the base of an infinite runner, but you will do it on a bike. Dynamic levels, endless gameplay, great speed and a lot of obstacles. Hacked Subway Rider – Train Rush is needed for those who want to unblock all the bikes for free and disable advertising in the game. Let’s get acquainted with this development.

Endless adventure

Start your adventure with choosing a bike, although there are not many of them in the game, each belongs to a separate class. Subway Rider – Train Rush for Android has several modes, in the game you can even compete with real players. This is the main feature of the game, and for the victory you need skills and quick reaction. If you played in runners, then the gameplay will be familiar to you, and the interest will only be in the ability to navigate the bike.

Subway Rider - Train Rush cheat

Each type of transport has unique abilities and characteristics. To show the best result, you need to overcome the maximum distance. Since the developers have a lot of experience in creating popular games, in the game you will see several features. The ability to show their abilities in the arena, several tracks and survival mode. The more speed, the faster the reaction is needed to cope with the management.

Unlock tales, gameplay

Runners are easy to manage, but the amount of maneuver and speed of response is needed excellent. Subway Rider РTrain Rush mod has several modes, but you will start with training. Choose a bike and go to the map with trains and flights. By all canons of the runner, you have 3 bands to move around. It is necessary to quickly slip in different directions to avoid various obstacles. Perhaps you want to use the hacking of a new popular game Top Model Dash. Now you have this opportunity

Subway Rider - Train Rush codes

In addition to moving around, the player can perform tricks, jump over obstacles, or drive under them. Also on the card are scattered money, collecting the necessary sum you can buy a new bike. Money Subway Rider – Train Rush play an important role, because with their help you can quickly unblock all the bikes. First of all, this is an opportunity to improve your performance and often win in PvP mode. Be prepared for tough competition, but using the codes you will have the advantage and the ability to play at the level of donators.


As for the graphics, it is not very bright here, and the detailing of the objects desires the best. Despite the fact that the elements are distinguishable, and it is easy to recognize them at speed, the picture is not colorful. But it is thanks to this that developers have been able to implement multi-user mode, and the ability to play on any smartphone. This is due to the low weight of the game and the ability to download to a smartphone with low configurations.

Subway Rider - Train Rush mod

Cheats Subway Rider – Train Rush, this is an opportunity to unlock paid items and disable advertising. And the last function can become more in demand, because you have to look at the ads after each arrival. Be careful, follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account. This will unlock the tracks, bikes and enjoy the full version of the game, without limitations.

Subway Rider – Train Rush for Android:

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  • Disable ads – 95OL10P4U0


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