Subway Surfers hack codes

Subway Surfers is a popular game for iOS and Androin. You’ll be in the role of a little boy named Jake. He needs to run away from the evil inspector and his dog for a long time, during the chase on his way gold coins will come across, he will need to collect them as much as possible, in order to eventually exchange them for various bonuses to improve the game. Also on the way there will be a lot of obstacles, such as different constructions and trains that move towards. All this he needs to overcome at super speed. If you even stumble over some kind of barrier, the guard will catch you up in a flash and take him to the jail.

Missions are not difficult at first and provide three tasks that you need to perform. But the further you drop in, the more difficult the road and more obstacles. Some players collect coins very long and painfully.

Subway Surfers hack

Secrets and Tips

But now there is a way out – hacked Subway Surfers for money and for keys will give you the opportunity to get a huge amount of gold coins. Passing the game with all the necessary funds for improvement, will save you a lot of time. Do not forget to catch gifts. They can find a lot of useful things.

Hack Subway Surfers for Android and iOS will allows you to have a large number of simple and gold coins without using a root or jailbreak. Each player can have all the privileges of the game without downloading mods. And it’s completely free. To do this, you just need to enter the codes. Having an infinite number of coins and keys you can pass all levels without complications and enjoy the game. If you have not already met such cheat codes, then follow the link below on the site and review the details on the use.

Overview, How to download Subway Surfers mod apk:

Subway Surfers is a fun arcade about friends who like to play on the railroad, in the subway and wherever trains go. The essence of this game is that the main character runs around the metro stations. Jumps from one train to another, and after him a crazy dog ​​and guard are chased to catch a hero who is forcing to flee from them, collecting coins along the way.

Subway Surfers cheats

On the road, there are also other surprises, such as, for example, shoes that allow you to jump high or a thing that raises the hero into the air, where no one can stop him just flying and collecting coins. One must also be cautious and dodge so as not to bump into a wall or other obstacle, since in this case the hero simply dies. In the game you will plunge into the atmosphere of such beautiful cities as Sao Paulo, Rome, Tokyo, Vancouver, New York, Mexico, Seoul, Miami, Mumbai, Moscow, New Arlean, Sydney and London.


  • the arcade game Subway Surfers received such a great success, thanks to a rather interesting story, and also because of its low costs;
  • a toy weighs very little, will go to almost any computer;
  • the plot of the game is quite interesting and well thought out;
  • In this game you can play endlessly (it simply does not have any end), playing, the main character will simply be constantly upgraded. Then when you do not get tired of it yourself;
  • every month you can update the game, and new cities appear.

This game was not meant to be stunned with stunning graphics or some super unique features. Its main advantage is simplicity. But it just does not mean that it’s boring. On the contrary, judging by the huge army of Subway Surfers fans around the world, the game deserves attention and respect. At the very beginning of the game you are given a free first major character.

Subway Surfers mod

Then in the process they will already change, and you will need to buy them already. Naturally, each next will have more opportunities, but also, and cost more. Despite the relative simplicity, the game is very fun and entertaining. Playing it, you can easily get carried away so much that you just lose track of time. You can play as one, and compete with your friends, which adds an extra spirit of excitement. On the site you can download a mod with endless money, keys and open characters.

Hack Subway Surfers for Android and iOS:

400,000 coins – Nd-gh039g

4,000 keys – Dl-th320wg

How to use Subway Surfers cheats:

Using codes is very easy, you do not need additional settings. In the game as a guard you can haunt by a huge orangutan and his dog. They run fast, so all the tests must be overcome at maximum speed and in no case do not stop. You will like the game, so do not forget to tell your friends about it. In order for the game to become available for your ip – follow the terms of the site. Enjoy the gameplay and our cheats for free.



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