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Summoners War is an exciting role-playing game that has conquered hearts whiter than 100 million players. You have to open a world you have not seen. It’s a world of spells and battles. Battles go for life-giving resources, such as crystals, mana. You have to summon to the Heavenly Arena more than a thousand different kinds of monsters and defeat them. Each of the monsters has its own unique abilities and strength.

To remain a winner you need to develop your strategy of fighting well, otherwise you will not have a chance to win. Do not forget to protect your tower, which stores your resources. Put guard and spells in there so that the enemy can not rob you so simply. This game is much more serious and thought out than you might have imagined at first glance. Here, all creatures can not only attack and defend themselves.

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Secrets and Tips

They still have the speed, the force of impact and many other characteristics that need to be paid attention during the battle. On all purchases and improvements in the game you will need a lot of resources. Cheat codes Summoners War on crystals, stones and energy, will allow you to make free purchases and improvements in the game, without any real costs.

The main features of the game are tactical gameplay, in which each of the characters has its own unique abilities. Also a variety of content, where you can not only conduct battles, but also decorate your town and train monsters. You can collect a large collection of monsters with 5 different properties. In the battle of guilds one for all and you can join other players to fight together. If you want to fight in real time, then this is also possible, just choose a team of 3 players. Build your strategy and show what your team is capable of.

Summoners War codes

Hacked Summoners War for Android and iOS, will give an opportunity to get our unique cheat codes, and along with them a lot of crystals, stones and energy to improve and buy in the game. You do not need additional settings or enter and leave your personal data in the game. It’s very simple and codes can be entered many times. All the codes are completely free and absolutely safe for any of your devices. If you have not already met such cheat codes, then follow the link below on the site and review the details on the use. You need to download Summoners War mod.


The world of the role-playing game “Summoners War: Sky Arena” is based on mana. Without it, all the living die, and all the players are fighting to get the coveted blue crystals.

A player can obtain mana in many ways:

  • Call in their location monsters in the scrolls, develop them, form teams and fight with other monsters in the Arena;
  • carry out missions;
  • perform daily tasks;
  • Visit the buildings in the locations: Mana pond and Deep Forest.

The player’s monsters belong to one of five elements: water, fire, wind, light and darkness. Calling monsters can be from scrolls that are scattered in the dungeons. Fighters in their team should be recruited depending on the relationship of their elements to the elements of the monsters in the enemy team (for example, water defeats the fire).

Summoners War free

With experience, wards are raising their level. To defeat the enemy monsters you need to develop the characteristics of your monsters: defense, attack, health and speed. Each fighter, besides this, also has other characteristics characteristic of him only. Due to the large number of characteristics, the player has the opportunity to develop a strategy of combat. The strongest strategist wins!

Features of the game Summoners War: Sky Arena:

  • implemented PvP (battle against another player) and PvE (battle against the computer) modes;
  • more than 800 monsters, which can be pumped: they differ not only in appearance, but in abilities;
  • player monsters do not just evolve – they evolve into stronger ones;
  • players have the opportunity to unite with each other and form the Guild;
  • set of game locations;
  • a chat room for chatting online.

The game has a nice and colorful graphics. Monsters and backgrounds are detailed. The musical accompaniment is also on top. Replicas of the characters are subtitled. This magnificent game has won the love of 38 million users and is released in 14 languages ​​around the world.

Summoners War cheat

Convenient interface, clear character development system, a large selection of monsters for the collection, many locations to choose from, a pool of players in the Guild – these are the advantages that distinguish the “arena of angels” from a number of other role-playing computer games for mobile devices. Below you can download the hacked Summoners War in which there will be many crystals and everything is open.

Hack Summoners War codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code to get 50 000 crystals in the game – C-th30w9eg
  • 50 000 stones (cash) in the game -M-ht039qwg
  • Use the code to get infinite energy – P-fty0qw9f

How to use the Summoners War cheats:

The use of codes is very simple and you do not need additional settings or purchases, all the details you will see on our website. Create your own clan or join another and try it out as a team. In order for the game to become available for your ip – follow the terms of the site. Enjoy the gameplay and our cheats for free.



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