The company Protostar proves that it is not necessary to download Clash of Clans, or Asphalt 9, to be able to enjoy an excellent game. Free game Super Starfish, this is a new arcade action for fans of fast and endless gameplay. First of all, the game is characterized by bright and smooth graphics. Downloading the mod game you get a chance to travel on a space aquarium, avoiding enemies and obstacles. Hack Super Starfish is the ability to quickly unlock characters, get extra coins and money. Let’s get acquainted with the development.

Travel around the galaxy

After downloading the game, first of all you will pay attention to colorful graphics with amazing elements. Super Starfish for Android is very beautiful, and the motion and animation are smooth. Watching the fish, as if falling into hypnosis and involuntarily relaxing. Since this is not the first game from the company, and Sling Kong rated at 4.6 and downloaded more than 5 million users. This is the main summary for the developer and their success does not end with this game.

Super Starfish codes

In addition to endless travels through space, the player has the opportunity to build his own house. Unlocking the plants, you can plant them in your own aquarium by arranging your space house. A wonderful collection of characters and plants and their more variety makes it possible to create a unique house. The game is very simple and at the same time interesting. Different modes and functions will help to distract from the bustle and relax.


First of all you need to learn how to control a space fish. Download Super Starfish mod has a simple control, svaypayte in different directions to swim obstacles. On your way will be meteors, black holes and other obstacles. In addition to obstacles, you can collect flora and use it to create your own home. During the journey, the player will conduct research and discover new opportunities.

To get additional bonuses, you can collect combos and receive additional bonuses. Collect red stars and gold seashells, you can use them in mini games, as well as unlock new characters. Super Starfish money plays an important role, because only so you can develop faster. Rare stars and objects in the game cost a lot of money, but they can be obtained by cheat codes. It is worth noting that if you have the opportunity to make purchases, then it is worth doing without fail to support the excellent work of the developer.

Super Starfish cheat

Graphics and sounds

This is the first thing that attracts in this game. Absolutely unique physics, moving around the aquarium is very smooth. Visual effects hit the most spoiled gamers, so be sure to download the game. This is a unique and unforgettable experience with a large number of functions. Using cheats Super Starfish, you can quickly unlock characters and new zones. Dozens of colorful characters and, a huge aquarium and a variety of plants. Collect a collection of fish and create a house for them.

Simple gameplay, controls and great attention to detail. Each character has an individual card in which the characteristics of the animal are described, based on real creatures. In addition to the characters in the game, you can collect plants and decorate your aquarium with them, they all have the basis of real creatures, but they are made in the cosmic style of Super Starfish.

Super Starfish mod

Passage of the game is accompanied by the discovery of new environments in which you can continue traveling. Therefore, there you can find new plants and unlock the characters. Insanely colorful game can be even more interesting when you learn to use the codes on Android, iOS. This is the easiest and safest way to get extra features.

Cheats Super Starfish Hack, Android and iOS free:

• 25 000 gold shells – NV_jeDNCOEI
• 3 540 gems – A8_CV3eRpGV
• Disable advertising in the game – Mc_CX3RJBfD


  1. I really love this game and would like to have an advantage because this game is just that cool. Thanks for hack! Really cool!

  2. Super Starfish is an amazing game and has actually been extremely therapeutic to me and my anxiety ever since I’ve downloaded it. I would love access to more of the rarer fish and species and these hacks would be amazing to unlocking new characters with gems! Thanks for the hacks!

  3. Cool game. I have unlocked 19 of 20 worlds. I have 1 rare fish. Amazing game and hack! I am happy to use this cheats, thanks so much for hack!

  4. Super Starfish is really addicting! I can’t stop playing it. It’s truly a stress reliever game.

    I’m really happy for the codes. Thank you so much!

  5. I really enjoy this game with all the awesome colors, oh my god. I was very lucky to know this site. I will recommend it to all my friends. now I can play free of charge

  6. Love this game, the graphics are amazing. Looking forward to collecting all of the fish, especially the rare ones.

    Thanks for the hack.

  7. This is by far my favorite game.. and it has a really cool gaming experience very colorful and wonderful graphics plus audio.. but the resources is very expensive hahahaha… thanks for the codes.

  8. This is by far my favorite game.. and it has a really cool gaming experience very colorful and wonderful graphics plus audio.. but the resources is very expensive hahahaha… thanks for the codes.


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