SuperCar Racing hack

By downloading SuperCar Racing, you can challenge any racer. Show what you can do in public transport and compete with achievements. To win, you need to come to the finish line first, avoiding all obstacles. Maximum speed and skills of movement in the stream will help raise the world rankings. Hacked SuperCar Racing is an opportunity to become a driving hero and unlock new parts, or cars. The article collected bonus codes, and also, a guide for fast passing.

Game features

Free mod SuperCar Racing for Android is an opportunity to test your racing skills. In contrast to the standard races, here you will drive around the city, competing with a real player. And in order for victory to bring even more enjoyment, Bucks are at stake. Before each race, gamers fold their sums, the winner gets everything. Since the races are held in big cities, you will be able to enjoy the colorful locations.

SuperCar Racing cheat

Drive around Rome, Tokyo, in Vancouver and other cities. Use nitro to accelerate and leave the enemy behind. Many players have been waiting for a similar gameplay with the ability to compete in urban environments. Genera Games has extensive experience in creating mobile games. Experience the unique gameplay and become the number one sprint on the highway. Each race has a limited distance, get to the finish line first and receive money and valuable rewards.

Game process

Simple control with touch buttons, endless movement and arrivals. SuperCar Racing on Android is an arcade race and to get the perfect car, you need to drive a lot. You can download the game for free, but many items and parts can be purchased for real money, bucks, or gold. To show the best result, you need to skillfully avoid collisions and gain maximum speed.

Awards and prizes, it is an opportunity to open the chest, or get additional details. Each car can be improved many times. Since everyone has their own driving style, using the settings you can customize your car for yourself. SuperCar Racing a lot of money is required to purchase more powerful cars. To unlock all the machines, you need to achieve a high level and increase skills. Collect chests and upgrade your car. Winning a strong opponent will bring additional rewards.

SuperCar Racing mod

Unique features

Since this is an arcade race, linear racing has the most simple gameplay. Avoid collisions, while driving around obstacles at maximum speed. Each achievement is a new reward, a detail. Use them to increase the level of cars and defeat a strong opponent. Road situations have a large variety, which makes each race unique and difficult. SuperCar Racing cheats will allow you to unlock supercars and get an extra turbo. Also, you can download Torque Burnout hack for free.

Details in the game can be bought for gold or bucks. The first plays the role of premium currency and allows you to unlock paid items. Between races, you can make improvements and repair cars. All this increases the chances of winning. Having earned additional resources you can take part in more expensive and difficult races. Upgrade your engine and wheels, improve performance, use turbo, improve brakes and handle improvements.

Cheat codes Supercar Racing Hack, Android and iOS:

  • 17,500 gold for free – bw # fhtgl2c8
  • 135,000 bucks for free – ht # ddwrvpok
  • Disable advertising in the game – us # knzg834v


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