Download Survival Island Evolve Pro is free, despite the fact that this version of the game costs one dollar. The company Pride Game Studio released the game last year, as it is a survival, then adventures are waiting for you at every step. A simple and accessible gameplay will launch on most Android devices. Hence, anyone can download it and enjoy survival in the wild. Because the game quickly attracted the attention of users, many players began to search for hacked Survival Island Evolve Pro a lot of money into the account. This is an interesting adventure, which can be hacked and get additional opportunities. But let’s first get acquainted with the game.

Survival Island Evolve Pro hack

Features and functions of the game

The game begins with a puzzle, because you were on a famous island, you have to solve many mysteries. A small video at the beginning, will introduce you to the game, which will allow you to learn more about the situation in which you are trapped. Located on a wild island is quite dangerous, you must always be on the alert. Survival Island Evolve Pro for Android for free to play can anyone, perform tasks, develop skills and crafting. Therefore, you will perform all the actions that will help to survive.

Because of the great danger on the island, you need to quickly learn how to control the hero and collect weapons. Study the map on the navigation and explore the terrain, around there are many interesting things. First of all, you will need weapons, so as not to become food for others and food to survive. Study the map, avoid danger and collect the necessary items. In addition to this, you need items to build your own shelter.

The game is popular among gamers, you can download Survival Island Evolve Pro mod free of charge. Users downloaded it more than a million times on different platforms and can now use the codes.

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After learning the story from the video, your survival begins. First, learn about the management and use of navigation. The game has basic operations and additional quests, every day you will receive assignments. Management in the game is simple and intuitive. On the left side of the screen there are control buttons, at the top there is a map. Use it for certain dangers around and choosing the right direction. The game is coolly optimized and has convenient controls.

In the upper right corner are the indicators of health, satiety and thirst to drink. On the bottom right, you can see a list of equipment, weapons and items that you can use. At first it will be primitive things in the form of stones, ropes and buckets. In the process of passing you will get more valuable materials and create weapons. Collect resources to build a shelter, Survival Island Evolve Pro mod, it’s not only the collection of resources, but also a large number of different plants. From food you can eat even apples and a leaf to survive.

Study and travel, the more distant places you visit, the more rare objects you can find. It’s very simple and at the same time exciting. More dangers, weapons and booty are available in the game, each tool is able to perform the right role in the game. Fight for life, get money Survival Island Evolve Pro and use it to get premium items in the game.

Survival Island Evolve Pro codes

Graphics and sounds

Since the creators of the game have experience in creating popular games, everyone can enjoy a beautiful game. 3D graphics will immerse you in a dangerous world of wildlife, here you will see colorful landscapes and a variety of animals. A live sound will create an impression of presence and you will be able to enjoy a realistic travel experience. To download the game for free and get a lot of money, follow the instructions and follow the tips.

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