Game Swing – a pretty and unpretentious arcade from the developers of the team Ketchapp for android. The main character of the game is something like Robin Hood, travels around the locations, collecting rubies scattered over them. These rubies will replenish your piggy bank with glasses, and by collecting a certain amount of them, you will increase the number of lives by one more. In addition, you need rubies to unlock other characters, which in the game is represented by a fairly large number. Hack Swing for free.

The game locations themselves are the grounds of the earth, alternating with abysses. The whole complexity of the game lies in the different widths of these sites. And the distance between sites is constantly changing. That’s where you need your ability to accurately measure the distance to which your hero must jump. You will have to jump over the abyss with the help of ropes. In addition, you will need to fix them, for the previously marked point of support. You do not need to download Swing mod apk.

Swing mod

Secrets and Tips:

Your task is to determine the length of the rope necessary for a successful jump. Having measured the rope necessary length, you on it fly to other platform. If everything is calculated, it is true, your hero will be in the right place, otherwise he will inevitably die in a deep abyss. And also, the collected points are entered in the global table of records, and you will be able to keep your game statistics. In addition, graphics in the game Swing happy simple, minimalistic and without any frills.

Yes, in this arcade much and not necessary. Locations do not contain anything superfluous: the abyss and the playground, the abyss and the playground… The gameplay is quite dynamic and logically interesting, and the cheerful soundtrack makes the application an exciting fun for a pleasant pastime.

Swing cheat

Management in the Swing is carried out by simple taipami and very simple and understandable. The length of the rope is measured by the duration of keeping the finger on the screen. In addition, enter your record in the overall ranking table of the players of the fascinating arcade! Use free Cheats Swing for free.

Cheat codes for Hack Swing for free, Android and iOS:

  • Get + 40 000 Diamonds – R-fh30w9fh
  • Unlock all items – W-fhr39hf
  • No Ads – T-h3902whf



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