Swordigo hack

Swordigo is a great adventure in which you can feel and try yourself as a warrior. You need to tear down and fight that there are relics. Every step you take is a continuous danger and a difficult obstacle. But your main task will remain running, jumping, fighting and passing all the tests. Those who simply love the simulators, should not pass by one of them, this is the Runway Story. You can download Swordigo mod apk for free and fast.

Secrets and Tips:

The further you advance, the better you will become. Although the graphics and a little similar to the realistic, but a huge number of different colors give the game a beauty. Management is as simple as possible, and you do not need special skills to deal with it. Just challenge everyone who wants to block your path to the heights of glory. To reach the finish line you will be helped only by your own strength, agility and freedom of action.

Swordigo mod

On the payroll you can buy yourself a lot of improvements and weapons. In order not to waste real currency, use our codes. With Swordigo cheats on life, money and crystals, you will be able to make free purchases in the game and no one will be able to prohibit it.

Interesting facts and features of the game:

  • A huge selection of cold steel weapons that you can buy.
  • Many exciting worlds, for which you have to travel.
  • Simplified management and a nice graphic drawing.
  • A large number of levels that need to go through the order of the queue.
  • Many obstacles and enemies that need to be destroyed.

Swordigo codes

Hacked Swordigo on Android and iOS, this is an innovation in the world of games. Since you will have our codes, and with them a huge amount of money, crystals and lives, you will not deny yourself anything. You will not need to download mods, settings and other downloads. Codes are not only free, but completely safe. So you do not have to worry about your device. For all those who met with the codes for the first time, there is a detailed instruction below on the site. On it you can clarify the whole situation. First of all, this is no limitation, but only the enjoyment of the gameplay.


Swordigo is a beautiful platformer with elements of role-playing game. Together with the main character, the user will visit many unique locations and will perform various quests. As such, the division into levels is not here, so you can move freely. For the convenience of movement in many places there are portals.

Swordigo cheat

The player will fight with different opponents, including bosses, and also pumps out the character’s characteristics and abilities. The game has a nice graphics, excellent gameplay and will appeal to all fans of the brodilki.

Cheat Codes, Hack Swordigo for Android and iOS:

  • Use the cheat to get 400 000 money in the game – Skjgueyh
  • For 50 000 crystals in the game, use the code – Sxbde435
  • 900 lives, get free – Syurhnfg

How to use Swordigo cheats:

Use cheats as simply as possible, without any settings and downloads. It’s easy to deal with them.


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