Talking Tom Cake Jump hack

Since Talking Tom Cake Jump has favorite heroes of millions, many will want to experience it. You can download it for free for Android, iOS devices. Here you will build a tower with sweets and no limits. To defeat friends, you need to build the largest tower. And for this you get coins, with their help you can unlock new characters and get additional coins. Hacked Talking Tom Cake Jump, this is the original version of the game and the codes. This will allow you to use boosters, unlock skins and gain access to free items.

Description of the game

After the successful release of the game Talking Tom, Talking Angela and others. These characters have become popular, many gamers are so fond of heroes that they are ready to play with them a lot of time. Talking Tom Cake Jump for Android is no exception. This is a simple arcade game, which is unremarkable. Therefore, developers draw attention with the help of their favorite characters. You can not only unlock characters, but also purchase additional items and skins.

Talking Tom Cake Jump mod

A small number of functions will not be able to maintain interest, hence the developers have introduced a system of achievements. With the help of money in the game you can unlock new worlds, heroes and use booster. Therefore, all the things in the game are bought for coins, you will earn them in the process of passing. The higher you get on the stairs, the more points you will get. Therefore, the level increase will depend on your skills and abilities to build towers.


Because of the great popularity of the characters, the developers try to maximize their monetization. Downloading the game you get a tower of sweets with a lot of advertising and restrictions. Talking Tom Cake Jump Mod is a lot of money, it’s the ability to unlock characters, turn off advertising and get a lot of money on the account. And you can use this method for Android, iOS. This is not only security, but also a quick way to gain access to paid items in the game.

Talking Tom Cake Jump cheat

Talking friends gathered to create the highest tower possible. You need to guide them so that they can put one sweet on time in time and go even higher. The height of your tower will depend on the number of points you receive. So, depending on the result, the player receives coins. Talking Tom Cake Jump codes, this is a literal cheat that you can use through the game store and get a large stock of resources for us to score.


Like all games of this direction, all the characters and cards are colorful. Cartoon graphics will immerse themselves in the magical world of sweets, and favorite characters will support interest. You should be careful, the game is too tasty and you may want to eat. Waffles, donuts, cakes and ornaments, you have to put them in a huge tower. Talking Tom Cake Jump coins will allow you to speed up the process, unlock skins, cards and boosters.

Talking Tom Cake Jump codes


A beautiful game with bright elements and favorite characters. To play it for free, you need to disconnect the Internet, or spend a couple of dollars. In addition, the game is available for purchase, for coins you can get accelerators, double your money, or use other assistants. Since the game has a lot of competition with friends, you need to fold the biggest cake. For this you need not only to jump in time, but also to use boasters skillfully. This is an easy way to get a lot of money without downloading cheats, fashions and at the same time to keep personal data.

Talking Tom Cake Jump hack for Android and iOS:

• 85 000 coins for free (code for a lot of money) – N8W7457hRI
• Unlock skins – IWD6546bRy
• Disable advertising in the game – TzsL5658XPL



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