Tap Tap Dig hack

Tap Tap Dig is a very fun simulator with nice graphics, sound and simple gameplay. You will play the role of miners, who are faced with a very difficult task. And in its implementation, you will need a huge amount of patience and resources. This clicker is perfect for those who just love to kill time in the game. Love to shoot and can not imagine your life without action games, then the game Clone Armies is for you.


Your main task is to dig a hole as deep as possible to get to the core of the planet. It is very difficult to do this, because the upper balls of the earth’s crust are very easy to remove, but the deeper you go, the harder you will have to. The rocks are getting harder each time, and therefore you will have to buy more and more powerful equipment each time to go deeper.

Tap Tap Dig mod

First of all, you need to build a camp in which you can not only relax, but also sell the excavated excavations, ore. With the money you earn, you will buy new equipment, improve the capabilities of your team and strengthen the camp. Go to your goal in defiance of everything and everyone. You will need a huge amount of resources. And with Tap Tap Dig cheats for money and crystals, you don’t need to worry about shopping. Everything will be as simple as possible.

Interesting facts and features of the game:

  • Ability to collect 12 assistants who will go with you all the way to your dream.
  • Earn bonuses, sell fossil resources and much more.
  • The game has many achievements that can be shared with friends.
  • Develop your strategy to make it easier to wade through the earth.
  • The more resources, the more opportunities in the game.

Hacked Tap Tap Dig for Android and iOS, this is a unique chance to reach your goal. You do not need to download mods or buy special settings in the game. Everything is so simple that even a child can easily cope with control and cheats. Cheats can be used many times, so you will have a huge amount of money and crystals to improve in the game. If earlier you were required to have personal information or real money investments, then you don’t need to do this with our codes. And all the details are on the site. Also, we recommend to use free hacked game Bowling Clash for Android and iOS.

Tap Tap Dig cheat


Tap Tap Dig – will allow you to lead one of the most adventurous expeditions to the center of the earth. Especially because during this adventure you can make good money on sales of found gold, precious ore and much more. Start your dive under the ground alone and slowly hire new workers to quickly sink into the ground. Do not forget about the improvement of digging equipment, because with it you can achieve intact even faster.

The toy Tap Tap Dig – Idle Clicker Game is made in the style of long-loved clickers, where you just need to tap on the display of your smartphone, and thereby increase your capital. Open 12 unique assistants with whom it will be much more fun to dig the breed. Constantly improve your gold miner and raise his level. Many achievements are already waiting for a young and full miner, who is not afraid of difficulties and is ready to dig the earth day and night.

Hack Tap Tap Dig Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Get 400 000 money in the game, with a code – TTDbgd43
  • Get 50,000 crystals with a cheat code, TTD67yt5 for free


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