TauCeti Unknown Origin mod

The developer of the popular game Dead Effect 2 is working on creating a new action game TauCeti Unknown Origin. In it you will see a new land, you can explore the previously unknown world and participate in adventures. The game should be accessible to a player close to the developers and there is a closed beta test, the official exit is expected at the end of 2018, the hacked TauCeti Unknown Origin will be available to you immediately after the game is released, add the site to the bookmarks so as not to lose the codes for this exciting game.

Description of the game

This is an action adventure with unique graphics and capabilities, here you will meet unique and dangerous monsters and will be able to use state-of-the-art weapons. The developer of the game BadFly Interactive prepares to exit the game for Android, iOS and PC. After its launch in the general mass, it quickly attracted the attention of gamers, and now you can evaluate the graphics and gameplay on the video. Exciting game will be distributed through the system of free-to-play.

TauCeti Unknown Origin hack

TauCeti Unknown Origin mod allows you to participate in expeditions on modern vehicles and explore new lands. Your team will fall into a catastrophe and will be in the territory of a previously unknown country. Monsters and space vehicles dominate here. To survive and return home, you need to conduct research and repel the attacks of monsters. Survive in previously unknown conditions you can weapons, by conducting research you will be able to unlock new types of guns. When you complete the game, you will encounter many difficulties. On a new earth, you need to be always on the alert, great difficulties await you. By doing research you will be able to seek refuge in the indigenous people who have adapted to dangerous conditions.

Style of play

In the game you can use modern weapons and cannons from the future, it does a great job of destroying monsters. In the game, you can, together with the other 7 players, conduct research and travel through the mysterious universe. Helping each other on a dangerous journey, you increase your chance of survival. Discover secrets, find treasures and hints. Research in the game takes up most of the game. Hacked TauCeti Unknown Origin mod allows you to unite with other players and receive additional resources.

In a new land, monsters are everywhere, you need to constantly keep your hand on the pulse. To destroy them, use weapons and constantly improve its characteristics. Every time you meet more powerful monsters. Unblock new weapons to make it easier to destroy enemies.

Graphic of the game

TauCeti Unknown Origin for Android has a very bright and vibrant graphics, developers spent a lot of time creating a unique world. Graphic design and style of the game is very bright and attractive, images of objects, monsters and the world are highly detailed and realistic. Dive into new conditions with a head in this you will help realistic sounds. This is a unique experience that you will definitely like in the game there are two currencies, for real money you can get more experience, restore energy.

TauCeti Unknown Origin cheats

The game has several modes, except for the company you can fight in PvP mode and show your warrior skills. Of course, for the game you will need a modern smartphone and a stable connection to the Internet. After the official release you will be able to find links for downloading TauCeti Unknown Origin games on our website. The game has several currencies, using codes can replenish the account with money and unlock the paid items.

TauCeti Unknown Origin Hack:

• 100 000 coins – SC4BMK034W
• 10,000 crystals – 91T63T73PS

Following the instructions you will be able to enter codes on different devices, having money you can be the first to use all the updates and game features.


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