Since Marvel Contest Of Champions did with the Marvel Comics universe, so did Tekken collect all the characters from this long series of martial arts and combine them in one kind of game. In this article we will make a brief overview of the game itself, at the bottom of the article you will find links for downloading TEKKEN mod.

Heroic past

Tekken fans will immediately remember the past with two ordinary characters at the beginning of the game, Kazuya and Nina. The longer you wait, the more familiar the faces of the game seem to be. The longer you play, the more characters you can unlock. You can use them during the battle and enjoy the game experience.

If you’ve ever played Marvel Future Fight, you’ll know about the control mechanism in the Tekken game. It will be much easier to master it, because the games are very similar. Touch and drag your finger on the right side of the screen to make a move, while the left side moves the characters. When you hold the right side longer, you will beat harder, and if you hold the left one, you will better beat off the opponent’s blow.


Fast paced game

After downloading the game, be ready for fast and aggressive battles, for one round you can see changes to several tactics and use different cards. Choose the cards you will be in the lower right corner, if you want to reverse the course of the event, choose a powerful card. You can also meet a large number of superheroes in other games, for example in the game Disney Heroes Battle Mode.

Tekken hack will allow you to get extra pearls and precious stones for character development. The game has a complicated development principle and limitations in rewards. Only having won in battle you will receive additional money in reward and will be able to improve the character. To unlock strong characters, you will have to spend real money to buy treasures and gems.

The game has a mediocre graphics, which you will not be surprised in 2018, but there are favorite characters from the series. Unlock Paul, Kazuya, Xiaon, Lo, Panda, and Ninoime. Win to receive rewards and develop character skills. Each fighter has about 20 techniques and skills that can be combined and developed.

TEKKEN cheats

TEKKEN mod much money gives an advantage to the gamer and allows you to quickly immerse yourself in martial arts and learn techniques. After downloading the game, the gamer is immersed in historical events. Here you can perform tasks, as well as challenge other players in 1v1 mode.

TEKKEN hack:

  • Brawler Treasure $ 27.99 – E693-C70I-TE48
  • Grand master gem pack $ 139.99 – 1ZMK-M80B-TE01
  • Marauder Treasure $ 69.99 – EJG7-ALIH-TE91
  • Master gem pack $ 69.99 – ZD5I-RUP3-TE84

Using the codes you can collect unique teams of heroes for passing special tasks and defeating the bosses. To hack the game, use cheat codes to correctly use them on your Android device, iOS – follow the tips in the instructions and follow all the rules.


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