TerraGenesis is not just a simulator, it’s very exciting, since you need to perform an interesting mission. First of all, familiarize yourself with the game, the cosmic process. You have to settle people on other planets and see what will come of it. at your disposal you will take a whole solar system. To all the fans of action games, you just need to play one of the same exciting Hungry Shark Heroes. In addition, hack TerraGenesis will help you to unlock all items in the game.

Tips and Secrets:

Also, you can download TerraGenesis mod apk. Parallel to the main task, you also need to explore other planets in space. All that you see in the game is based on real science, and you can try to create your own planet. As a result, it can be populated by people and observe the process of their existence in other conditions. When the whole world is in your hands, then your possibilities are unlimited.

TerraGenesis cheat

Terraform the world of aliens to see how they live or settle them to people on earth. In general, there are plenty of possibilities. You only need a desire for their implementation, and of course resources. To complete all the missions you will need a lot of real money, if the game currency is not enough. And with cheats TerraGenesis for money, all the problems are simplified and you do not need to worry about the consequences, because you are just experimenting.

Interesting features of the game:

  • The opportunity to join one of the four groupings to perform tasks was easier.
  • Colonize entire worlds.
  • Keep track of the successes of your created planets.
  • Try building colonies on fictional planets and see what happens.
  • Create oceans and populate the planet with life.
  • The game has 64 unique genes that have the right to life.
  • Create your own unique conditions in the game.
  • Learn to rule the world to become the strongest.

TerraGenesis mod

Hacked TerraGenesis for Android and iOS, will allow you to manage the world even better. After all, now you will have a lot of money and all purchases can be made in any quantity. Since you do not need to set up anything, download fashion and buy for real money, you can just enjoy the game. With you no longer require real money and personal data.

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TerraGenesis codes


TerraGenesis Space Colony – a fascinating simulation of the development of distant planets for Android. The player will go to the future, where he will master the space objects. For realism, the developers of this project have studied accurately all the information in the game, so gamers can not only have fun, but also learn a lot for themselves. The user will be able to travel not only to the planets of the solar system, but even to other galaxies.

Hack TerraGenesis Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the cheat code for 500 000 money in the game, free – Yb-2g109f
  • No Ads – Yd-4g572k



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