The Catapult mod

After a busy day, or studying, you want to relax, have fun and the game The Catapult perfectly copes with this task. This is a strategic game from the famous company BYV. Game downloaded more than 10 million users around the world, it says not only about the quality of the game, but also an interesting gameplay. The game will be fun every time you launch, throw a catapult to protect your castle. The hacked The Catapult cheat codes for coins will allow you to quickly unlock levels and get extra features. In this article you will find codes and tips for using them in the game.

Description of the game

The Catapult mod, has simple gameplay with a lot of interesting tasks and dozens of enemies on each level. Your main task is to protect the castle, for this you can use weapons in the form of slingshots, catapults. Throw stones at the enemies to destroy his weapons and get coins and experience for the killed enemy. You need to constantly attack the enemy to knock him down before he hits you.

 The Catapult hack

After passing through the level, you will receive gold coins. As a result, awards are needed to buy new weapons, upgrade characteristics and purchase ammunition. For one shot, you can use 3 different bullets. The game is very simple, but to accurately shoot, you need to have the skills. Train your skills to reach the enemy and quickly pass the levels.

Play with other players

The game has an online mode, so you can play with your friends. The Catapult mod allows you to use the most powerful weapons and quickly destroy the enemy’s castle. Winning becomes easier when you have a clear advantage in shopping. In the game store you can purchase additional armor in the form of a helmet. Increases in armor and attack power are possible through purchases, there are many items in the game. Everyone can create a strong character for online battles.

Features of the game

• Tactical game, strategic battles with the protagonist in the form of a stickman.
• Simple gameplay, you can play without connecting to the Internet.
• Multiplayer mode allows you to fight your friends online.
• There is no advertising in the game if you use the hacki The Catapult, or disable the Internet.
• Dozens of weapons for choice.

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Graphics in the game

You can download The Catapult for Android, iOS for free. In the game you will see a simple 2D graphics that gives a cheerful gameplay, while maintaining a small weight of the game. Realistic sounds of explosions and shooting weapons will load you into what is happening. In addition, it will allow you to feel yourself in a real battle and enjoy the battle.

This is a simple game that will be interesting to play for adults and children. In it you can relax and have a great time to do without shopping you can use cheat codes. Finally, this will unlock new features, and also use updates.

The Catapult hack

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