The Crossing Dead: Zombies hack

The Crossing Dead is a fun arcade game on android, allowing you to face the zombie face to face. The plot of the game finds your hero in the early morning. Who, having woken up, learns that crowds of walking dead roam throughout the city. The gameplay is made in the form of an ordinary runner, you just have to go forward. In order to survive, he will have to be constantly on the move. And also skillfully use all sorts of weapons to help you scattered developers on your game path. You can use hackedĀ The Crossing Dead: Zombies for free.

The Crossing Dead: Zombies cheat

Cheats The Crossing Dead: Zombies will give you unlimited cash. And the arsenal of weapons is really impressive. At your disposal will be chainsaws, and pistols, and shotguns, and machine guns. And also powerful grenades, with the help of which you can easily get away from the environment of the dead. You can’t let a zombie grab you. Otherwise, your brains will be eaten right away, and you will turn into similar ones, and you will have to start your run all over again. To leave the zone with zombies you have to wade through the city, forests, deserts and many other game locations. Also in the game The Crossing Dead, you can pick up a large number of useful bonuses and so necessary game coins.

Secrets and Tips:

Download The Crossing Dead: Zombies mod apk for all devices. Bonuses allow you to replenish the standard of living and increase the number of coins collected, and for the game currency, you can increase the weapons store, allowing you to put more dead people with one recharge. In addition, you can change the appearance of your hero, by the way, the costumes of the character in the game are quite funny, each with its own advantage.

The Crossing Dead: Zombies codes

In addition to the zombies themselves, the game carries other dangers. So, for example, in order to cross the river, you will have to jump along the logs floating on it, and in order to cross the road you need to maneuver between constantly passing cars. If you leave the log or fall under the car, you will have to start over again. The Crossing Dead: Zombies game has a large number of constantly changing locations with a clear square graphic image. The soundtrack fits perfectly into the gameplay. Management in the game is very inconvenient, sometimes at the most crucial moment because of it you lose a life. The game is distributed completely free.


If you’re a fan of the game Crossy Road orĀ Love balls, then you will be delighted with what is happening in The Crossing Dead: Zombies. All you also need to cross the road, avoiding a collision with a huge number of obstacles. Cars, water, burning barrels, electric poles and, of course, dangerous zombies. To achieve your goal, you are allowed to use the most different weapons that you can find (laser guns, chainsaws, shotguns, etc.). However, you need to be careful, have a good reaction and think ahead.

The Crossing Dead: Zombies mod

Cheat codes The Crossing Dead: Zombies – Another series of pixel popular arcade with elements of action and runner. If you are a fan of the famous Crossy Heroes and Crossy Road toys. Then you will be shocked by what is happening in the Crossing Dead. Everything still needs us to cross the road, avoiding collisions with a number of large obstacles. Burning barrels, cars, ponds, electric poles and, of course, dumb and dangerous zombies. To achieve the ultimate goal, we are allowed to use the most diverse weapons that we can only find. Shotguns, laser guns, chainsaws and others, however, you need to be very careful, have a quick reaction and think ahead of time.

Cheats The Crossing Dead: Zombies Hack, Android and iOS:

  • Bob the Defender – I-rh29g
  • Mr Money Bags – Y-jr0239g
  • 3500 Coins – P-3g98hf


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