Free game The Maze Runner is another example of how a game made on a film gets better than a prototype. The plot line with the film is completely identical. Together with a group of young people, your hero finds himself. In an intricate labyrinth full of dangers, mysteries and, moreover, constantly changing. Where there used to be a passage, walls grow. The floor underfoot falls through and becomes a stone trap and so on. The game is on time, and if you can not unravel its mystery and leave. It will close and you will perish. Use hacked The Maze Runner to unlock all items for free.


This is not an endless runner, which early or late will end with the death of the hero. At each level or location you have to collect not only coins and bonuses. But also to look for clues. There are four. By collecting all the leads you will unravel the mystery of the level, stay alive and be saved. The game is complicated by the fact that it is limited in time. Cheat codes The Maze Runner for a lot of money 15 levels, in each of 8 races. From level to level, the task becomes more complicated. Time is allotted less, and the traps become all sophisticated, to all their number increases significantly.

The Maze Runner cheat

The game provides you five heroes, two of them are available for real money, the rest are opened as the levels go by. Each hero has its own peculiarity. One like a magnet collects all the gold that meets on its way, the second can extend the playing time for a few seconds, and the third has the function of the first animation. Each gamer can download The Maze Runner mod apk for upgrading the game.

Bonuses in the game Running in the labyrinth, designed for android, occur both in the maze on the run, and drop out daily in a kind of lottery. This extra time, the final jerk, a magnet for coins and much more. Try the game Wrestling Revolution hack, too.

Secrets and Tips:

Unlike many other games of this genre, The Maze Runner hack is not an endless runner. In this case, the main character has his own goal – he must get to the exit from the maze, and on the way to collect all sorts of bonuses: coins and hooks. The more clues you have, the better you have gone through a specific level. You will also have to pass various obstacles that are encountered in your path. For this you need to be maneuverable and fast enough. Also, in order to pass each of the labyrinths, you will be given a certain time frame, in which you must surely keep within. If you do not succeed, the labyrinth will be closed and you will become a hostage.

The Maze Runner codes

Separate locations in The Maze Runner for free, have their characteristic hooks. Basically, they look like separate parts of artifacts, which you need to collect in order to get to the next section. All these moments are also found in the movie, because it’s much more interesting to play after watching the film of the same name.

Game process:

The structure of the game running in the labyrinth is divided into 15 sections, in each of which you need to make 8 races. All the hooks are difficult to collect, as they are scattered in different places. As you play, naturally, your progress will become more complicated. You will come across more obstacles, stones will fall on you, and time will remain less and less.

In the film, the main characters were teenagers. So in the game The Maze Runner you will be given the opportunity to control one of these characters. Another important point is that three of the proposed characters. The player will be able to purchase only when he pays for it with real money.

The Maze Runner mod

Cheat codes The Maze Runner Hack, Android and iOS:

  • Big gem pack for free – DU-fh09f
  • Coin Doubler – WZ-g398we
  • Free Supply crate – FK-j32w09f
  • Unlock Minho, Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Alby for free – MP-tg378wqd

Also these characters differ from each other with their unique abilities. If one can use a magnet to accumulate coins for a longer time, the other can enjoy the right of free first animation and so on. Actually, the game The Maze Runner cheats is quite fascinating and diverse. So many gamers will have to taste it. Below you can download the hacked version of the game with a mod for money, and also unlock everything in it.


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