The Sims Mobile mod

Sims is the most famous simulator in this genre, you probably already heard about it. This is one of the most popular games on PC in 2012. The Sims Mobile, this mobile version of the most popular simulator in the world, you can download it for free. Tens of millions of users rated an average put game 4.5 on Google Play. This is a good score for such a popular game, it is really good. The Sims Mobile money players try to get in the game in any way, as in life, they need a lot. As in the PC version of the game, there are a lot of items and things that you can buy using virtual currency.

This game is really fascinating and exciting, it was released on March 1 last year and quickly became popular. For one week after graduation, it was downloaded more than 5 million times. Many fans of The Sims wanted to download it instantly, since the computer version of the game had not been updated for a long time. The release of the game The Sims Mobile has become a good news for fans of this genre and a great success for developers.

The Sims Mobile hack

Already familiar gameplay

As in the original version of the game, The Sims Mobile mod imitates everyday life. At the beginning of the game you can choose a character, name, gender, choose the appearance and even a profession. Everyone can create any character resembling himself, or the complete opposite. Then begins your virtual life in which you have to perform daily tasks, develop skills and earn money. To raise the level, you need to spend a lot of money and constantly get experience. Money The Sims Mobile is also needed to equip your home, purchase furniture and interior items.

The developers of the game ELECTRONIC ARTS, are working on constant improvement of the game. The ideal gameplay is the most realistic processes, so your character will age with time, and his children will grow. It’s really a wonderful feature that brings a new experience to this genre. In the game you can have a hobby, develop abilities and buy different items. Hacked The Sims Mobile gives you the freedom to purchase and allows you to get a new experience. Thus, the player gains the freedom of purchase and a significant advantage in passing.

Game features

As in real life, here you can make friends, unite in social clubs, go on a date, create a family and have children. This is an exciting experience that is available on the player’s mobile phone around the world. The Sims Mobile mod is a lot of money available to gamers, for this it is not necessary to use extraneous websites and violate the rules. You can download the game from the official Google Play sites, Apple Store, this not only guarantees security, but also allows you to use all the updates of the game in the future.

The Sims Mobile cheats


The game has beautiful graphics, cute characters and bright objects. Developers spent a lot of time to get graphics, which is in no way inferior to the version of the game on the PC, Android or iOS. All buildings, roads and trees are as realistic as possible and will allow you to immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the gameplay. Explore new opportunities in the game, have fun. Graphics and sound give a pleasant impression. The Sims Mobile cheats allow you to unlock lots of items and get extra money.

Simendegi you will receive at work, as well as for the completed tasks, but they are sorely lacking for a full-fledged game. To use the codes, you need to study the instructions and follow the rules for using them.

The Sims Mobile hack:

• SimCash and Gems Pack – SM_nF9l603
• Pile of SimCash – SM_PheHMhi
• Sweet Deal Pack 8 – SM_QX1CIlO
• Photography Career Pack – SM_rYoYed1
• Date Night Pack 6 – SM_0HtbHGS
• Bag of SimCash – SM_5s0HBGH


  1. It good. This is the best game I’ve ever played! Many thanks for the real hack! These codes really helped me. Simply super!

  2. The Sims is the best simulation app ever! It’s cool when you can play as yourself in a game and do the things you’d like to do which you can’t in the real world. Cool and simple hack! Thanks for this!


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