Play a new game Thor: War of Tapnarok from the company Appxplore (iCandy). Creators Alien Path, Light a Way, War of crabs and other popular games. This time, the developer moves us during the times of Norwegian mythology with the participation of the main characters. Create a team of God and their allies and participate in countless battles.

A lot of money and glory is waiting for everyone who learns how to use promotional codes in the game. Hacked Thor: War of Tapnarok on gold coins and precious stones is the ability to quickly and free of charge get additional resources. Follow the prompts and enjoy free shopping.

About the game

Since the game is in the early access, the download Thor: War of Tapnarok on Android can only 10 thousand people. If you want to be among the first, you need to hurry. In addition to this, everyone can use bonus codes and get money for development. Going through the game will be much more interesting. Use the powers of Thor, King Asgard and gather allies. Destroy monsters from nine kingdoms, entering an endless war.

Thor: War of Tapnarok mod

Also, you can download Thor: War of Tapnarok mod apk for free and fast. First of all, this is a clicker, there are also elements of RPG. With the help of coins and crystals, you will be able to discover new types of weapons, skins, improvements and skills. Each player can create a unique team of fighters and use them for battles. You also need allies whose strengths can come to help at critical moments. Protect the house from invasion and destroy the growing forces of the enemy.

Game process

Once in front of the monsters, your troops will automatically strike. Thor: War of Tapnarok mod has dozens of heroes which you can use during the game. Use their skills and abilities to destroy the enemy. For each victory you will receive a reward in the form of gold coins. Spend them on improvements to increase the power of your army. Since this clicker, with simple tapes you can defeat the legendary opponents and monsters.

Thor: War of Tapnarok cheat

Money Thor: War of Tapnarok, this is the ability to unlock unique abilities. First of all, this is an advantage over the enemy, which will allow us to approach the victory faster. Traveling to mythical places and opening allies will expand the list of skills. Consequently, opportunities for improvement and development will be available throughout the time. Explore Asgard, collect dozens of powerful characters and use treasures. Also, you can use other hacked game, like a Into the Dead 2 , BEST TRUCKER and My Talking Tom 2 for free.

Graphic design

2D graphics are enough to plunge into mythological adventures. Since this is a clicker, all actions in the game are as simple as possible, but the possibilities are almost unlimited. Heroes have a well-known form, but graphically the game resembles comics. Simple actions do not require special effects, or animation. Therefore, you can download the game absolutely everyone, on your Android, iOS device. Free Thor: War of Tapnarok cheats for money, it’s an opportunity to get paid sets of resources.

Thor: War of Tapnarok codes

Because the game is free, there are purchases available. To unlock amazing places and heroes from the Nine Kingdoms, you will need to make purchases, or use cheat codes. The storyline will acquaint you with the story and help you plunge into the thick of events. Defend the kingdom, fight on the side of the gods and get powerful weapons. Follow the instructions to learn how to use bonus codes.

Cheat codes Thor: War of Tapnarok hack, Android and iOS:

• 300 000 coins for free (code for a lot of money) – M07_Ba9Apid
• 35 000 crystals – Pi1_ysD6aA9
• Disable ads – XPW_c2GylYs


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