Thrill Rush mod

Free races Thrill Rush, this is the sequel to the popular game Uphill Rush. It’s a colorful game with a fast pace, lots of challenging levels, interesting tasks. Perform tricks and set the best time on the track, beat the records of friends. The game is designed to lift the mood and give adrenaline from riding on American races. Unblock the technique, get a lot of money and pump out your characteristics. Hacked Thrill Rush is available to all players with the help of bonus codes, but first get to know the game itself.

Description of the game

The sequel to the popular game, which has collected tens of millions of downloads. Thrill Rush for Android, this is a colorful racing game in which you will drive a wagon on American races. In the game, it will open from the rail and perform tricks. You can conveniently control the speed and direction using the touch buttons. This is a great way to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle.

To play you do not need to connect to the Internet. The game is divided at the level, performing one, you automatically open the next job. Do not forget about limited lives, every mistake takes away the chances of getting to the finish. The game has many interesting features, the company Spil Games is famous for many popular games. Troll Face Quest Video Games, this is one of the recent games for which you can find hacking on our site.

Gameplay and control

To complete the tasks and pass the level you will have two large parks. Thrill Rush mod, this is a stunning roller coaster and dozens of vehicles on which you can conquer them. You can conquer the slides on a unicorn, a tank, a dog, or a dolphin. This is an important part of the game, serious competitions for a time turn into fun entertainment. In addition to good mood, funny vehicles and characters have unique characteristics and capabilities.

Thrill Rush a lot of money, diamonds and gold will allow you to unlock the costumes and objects in the game. The developers have done everything to ensure that the extreme race did not take a serious nature. Passing the level is accompanied by the collection of gold, setting a new record you will be able to get the diamonds as a reward. Use funny costumes and vehicles to cheer yourself and friends.

Thrill Rush cheats


The game is very bright, the cartoon picture has a high detail. Dozens of items allow you to create your own images and constantly improve vehicles. For the game you do not need internet, the game is free but has gaming purchases. Thrill Rush cheats will help get tickets and money in the game for free. This will give a chance to break out into the leaders and set your own record at the level.

Win and get funny costumes in the form of an angel, soldier, or other heroes. 2 large parks in which you can have fun and enjoy free gameplay. Many clashes, tricks and jumps. Skillful management will save lives and get more valuable rewards.

Thrill Rush hack

  • 7 000 diamonds, the code is Z7UXOUKA3
  • 90 000 gold – 662FI6YYD
  • +50 tickets – 4L8ABTL7I
  • Disable advertising – 49XZRF5PD


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