Tiny Gladiators hack

Tiny Gladiators is an exciting arcade game in which very powerful gladiators will fight against the same as themselves. The main task for you in the game will be, this as soon as possible and more to assemble the armor. Then you will have a strong defense and defeat the opponent will be much easier. It would also be great if you got some kind of cold weapon, such as a sword. Those who do not represent their lives without racing, you must certainly play in the Cars. You can use cheats Tiny Gladiators for free.

Secrets and Tips:

An interesting point is that after each next battle you will be able to choose a completely new equipment. You can also create a costume that will only be with you. You can improve the characteristics of your fighter. Namely, strength, speed and agility. Since the management in the game is very simple, you do not need to focus your attention on this. All you have to do is dodge or defend yourself from the enemy. We recommend to download Tiny Gladiators mod apk for getting free diamonds.

Tiny Gladiators cheat

It is interesting that all battles take place at different locations. If you manage to go from start to finish and defeat all the rivals, then you can top the game and become the strongest. To improve all the characteristics you need resources. With Tiny Gladiators cheat codes, getting money and crystals will be much easier. After all, then you do not need to worry about the lack of resources.

Interesting features of the game:

  • Possibility of battles with other players over the network. You can invite friends and fight with them.
  • You can go through the Tower of Survival, where there are very fierce battles, but in case of victory, the winnings are in line.
  • Many locations, each battle for another.
  • A large number of armor that you can buy.
  • A huge selection of rivals, from the weakest to the most powerful.
  • Possibility to choose weapons.
  • Advancements to leadership ratings.

Hacked Tiny Gladiators for Android and iOS, will give you a chance to become the best gladiator that the world still did not know. Our codes and money, the crystals that you get is just a godsend. Not only to play simply, but also to use our improvements. You do not need to download fashion. No downloads and settings are needed. They are not only free, but also safe. And you do not need to worry about devices anymore. Those who can not understand how and where to enter them, there is a special instruction.

Tiny Gladiators codes


Tiny Gladiators mod – a dynamic action movie in which you as a fearless gladiator fight with hundreds of offensive opponents. According to the plot of the application perfidious enemies imprisoned you in prison, and your father was despicably killed in the fighting arena, exposing an unequal opponent against him.

For ten years you had plans for revenge and worked hard, dreaming about a vendetta, and, finally, the time has come. Choose a protagonist from the four represented characters who have equal opportunities and differ only in appearance and determine the hero’s fighting class. In the image of whom you are ready to take revenge – a knight, spearman or assassin.

How to get unlimited resources for free:

Each type of fighters has its own advantages and disadvantages, and a unique style of combat. The knight, for example, beats with a sword and shield, the spearman works as a spear, and the assassin is armed with two daggers. Fight with numerous opponents, among whom you will meet not only with people, but also bloodthirsty monsters. Punish the insidious killers of the father and all who are involved in this, because revenge is better served cold.

To go to the next level, you need to defeat the enemy in the current location. Victories will bring to your account a lot of money, crystals and experience points that will help you discover new skills and useful skills for the hero. After the passage of the main storyline, you will be faced with a multiplayer mode, where you will compete with real gamers. Defeat enemies and rivals, discover pleasant achievements and enjoy a cool fighting game, koya yourself in the arena new opportunities and a formidable name. We recommend to use free hacked games Bio Inc and City Racing 3D.

Tiny Gladiators mod

Tiny Gladiators hack is a fighting game that will send a user to those times when in the Roman Empire in the arena of the Coliseum the crowd demanded bread and circuses. The game has two modes. The company mode offers the player to fight with virtual opponents, thereby paving the way for the Coliseum. The original hero is not exactly like a gladiator. He looks like a simpleton with a wooden weapon.

Codes for Hack Tiny Gladiators for Android and iOS:

  • Souls Pack 1 – Wgh-jfu57
  • Large Diamonds Pack, free – To-nse837
  • Welcome and Special Pack 1 – Uj-b398gv

But as you progress through the missions, you can pump it and prepare for battle in the main arena of Rome. The second mode provides an opportunity to compete with real players. Management here is the most that neither is simple. There are six buttons in total. Two of them are responsible for the movement, two more – for jumps and strikes. The remaining buttons are initially inactive. They can be used when the hero learns combo strikes and magic spells. For each attempt to battle a virtual or real opponent, the player will be taken several units of energy.

It is restored within a certain time and after the victories. Impatient users can use the Donat to fill the energy scale more quickly. The graphics here are made in a cartoon style, all locations and characters are depicted in colorful and with a certain style. Disproportionate to the body of the head cause a smile, and the soundtrack sets a frivolous mood. Tiny Gladiators is an excellent fighting game that delivers a sea of ​​positive emotions.



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