Take part in the life of a new game, create a farm in a colorful, mountainous area. Game Tiny Tea Paradise, this is a free farm simulator with additional features, quests and puzzles. It is noteworthy that you can play with your friends, go on a visit and share your achievements in social networks. Free game has purchases, use the hacked Tiny Tea Paradise, or spend real money on the purchase of precious stones, the choice is for everyone. And in this article you will learn important details and secrets of the game.

Farm simulator

The game begins as an ordinary farm, inheriting a small patch of land you are captured by the process. Tiny Tea Paradise mod for Android has a lot of secrets and secret recipes that you have to unravel during the game. In addition to a full-fledged farm, you will create new recipes and look for rare tea. Also you can unite with friends and create a joint cafe, or a tea house.

Tiny Tea Paradise cheat

Kongregate is the developer of such popular games as AdVenture Capitalist, The Trail, Burrito Bison and others. So you can be sure of the quality of the development. Despite the low evaluation of the game on Google Play, here you will see a bright schedule and great opportunities. In addition to stylish design, you will meet many animals and characters that will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

Game process

Since playing with one farm is hard to surprise, developers add new features and opportunities in the game. Thus, downloading the game, you get a full-fledged farm with beautiful design and additional features. Tiny Tea Paradise mod allows you to search for partners and open joint cafes, learn new recipes in the panda house, collect rare teas and more. After downloading the game you move to a mountain paradise with colorful locations and funny characters.

Tiny Tea Paradise mod

In addition to the usual concerns for harvesting and producing sweets, you will conduct research and seek the secrets of old tea. Increasing your master level, you will be able to receive more money for completed tasks. Gems Tiny Tea Paradise, this is the ability to quickly raise the level and unlock the paid functions. Having the resources, it will be easier for you to find valuable resources and ancient artifacts.

Graphics and sounds

The game has an interesting design, pixel elements and bright graphics give a unique experience. A large number of little animals that will help you develop in the game and learn important secrets. Thanks to uncomplicated design, everyone can enjoy the game by downloading it to your mobile. It has a light weight, only 75 MB and little requirements for the characteristics of the phone. Discover new secrets, conduct research and use the Tiny Tea Paradise codes for gold and crystals.

Tiny Tea Paradise codes

Telling about the secrets to friends, you will be able to build your paradise, unite for joint projects. You have to make a lot of discoveries and the availability of money on the account, will make it much faster. Hacking into artifacts and secret recipes is an opportunity to take a fresh look at the game. Decorate your city, grow rare crops, process foods and create new recipes. Mini games allow you to maintain interest in the game more time. Explore the world with codes and save a lot of time. Also try the hack of the game Torque Drift.

Codes Tiny Tea Paradise hack for Android and iOS:

• 50 000 coins – W5_DBQ5Dptk
• 10,000 gems – Q8_dQxEL2D7


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