Game Toca Life: World, this is a new application from the company Toca Boca. This time they decided to combine all the learning games into one and download it for free. Hence the full version costs money, but in this article you will find promotional codes. Combine the experience of many favorite games into one and get a combined pleasure. Hacked Toca Life: World, this is an opportunity to play different characters in different places. Now experience City, Vacation, Hospital in one game. This greatly simplifies the process and increases the number of interesting tasks.

About the game

Since the game is the progenitor of several games, it is very important to learn about updates. Download Toca Life: World mod, this is the union of all applications from a well-known company that millions of users have downloaded around the world. First of all, it is more freedom. Now in one game you can combine the previous experience and reunite the characters. All are connected by a string, many crazy actions and opportunities are opened before the gamer.

Toca Life: World cheat

Use free cheats Toca Life: World. The game is available for download on Google Play for free, it only takes 25 MB. Thanks to a simple 2D graphics, everyone can download it. The developers of Toca Kitchen 2 specialize in educational games. But this time you can create crazy things. To examples you can put your younger brother in jail, or stop a gang of babies. Throw food in the toilet, paint your hair teachers and create unimaginable things. In the game you are the boss and choose the direction for development.

Game process

Toca Life: World for Android, this is a free game with a lot of possibilities. In it you can unlock the character and create a story yourself. To do this, you are available to all your favorite places, pets and heroes from the previous series. Use the school, the hospital, the skate park, as a place for entertainment. You are able to come up with any story and put it into practice. A feature of this game is complete freedom of action. Everyone who downloads the mod gets complete freedom with unlimited possibilities.

Toca Life: World codes

After downloading the game, you get into the busy urban area. There are 8 places for entertainment in it. Travel between the shopping center, food court, apartment, hairdresser and other places. Create your own story, equip places and yourself choose the appearance for the characters. The full version of Toca Life: World is available for everyone, it will be enough to learn how to use cheat codes. This will allow you to create a new world yourself by mixing places, objects and characters.

Graphics and sounds

Colorful, cartoon graphics will move into a fairy tale. Bright characters and places, unlimited possibilities and a small game size. This is an exciting adventure with your favorite characters and new things and objects. You create history and get the opportunity to combine objects. Despite the small weight, the game combined dozens of locations, heroes and hundreds of items. Now you can create events and create a story. Free Toca Life: World can be played by everyone using bonus codes. Also, you can use free hacked Real Steel Champions and Apocalypse Runner.

Toca Life: World mod


Exciting game will be interesting for adults and children. Here everyone will find interesting moments and opportunities. First of all, these are open opportunities. This mega-application in which everyone will create their own world with their favorite characters and objects. In addition, you are waiting for updates, new places and the subject. The game has 125 pets, 300 items and 50 seats. In addition, 2 new places are available in the update.

With each subsequent update, the developers promise to add content and new characters. Using the bonus codes, you can experience the maximum experience using the entire content of the game. Be careful and follow the prompts.

Toca Life: World Hack, Android and iOS free Cheats:

• Full version of the game (unlock all places, character, pets and items) – Is2_BrQZ3I
• Disable advertising in the game – UT1_5Cw7iA


  1. I literally have two accounts for this game! I have maxed out and bought every upgrade I can afford lol. I am fully addicted!! so

  2. Hello Thanks guys you all are awesome! I really like this game its super fun and it is a good way to become someone else so thanks guys

  3. One of the best games I´ve ever played. Has a lot of features, being very addictive. I´m so glad i found this site. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I absolutely love this game, and now I can unlock everything. I am a big fan of the toca franchise and find it amazing that I can do this without downloading everything

  5. I love the toca franchise. I got to finally play everything. I’ve been having so much fun with playing all the unlocked areas.


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