Participate in the new role-playing game TOKYO GHOUL, it is available for free download on Android, iOS. First of all, these are the favorite characters from the same name series. And now everyone can use them for battles in his smartphone. Bonus codes, this is an opportunity to get extra money, gold and precious stones in the game. Hacked TOKYO GHOUL is a quick and safe way to get resource sets through the game store. Use the tricks and get unlimited resources on the account.

About the game

As soon as the popular anime series appears in a new guise, it quickly grows in popularity. TOKYO GHOUL mod, this is an opportunity to unlock your favorite characters and join the battle between Ghoul and Human. Since all heroes in the series are available in the game, the most beloved ones cost money. To collect a team of the best characters, you will need to make purchases in the game, or use tricks. Therefore, everyone has a choice and if you intend to use the second method, then our site will be useful to you. Also, use free hacked game Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator  for free.


Unlock the legendary characters and unite them into a team. Participation in battles will bring fame, experience and additional resources. With the growth of the level, new opportunities will open up. But along with this, the strength of the enemy will grow. First of all, the game attracts a hundred characters, each player can choose 6 characters to create a team. Be prepared to train and train skills to inflict maximum damage to the enemy.

How to play, gameplay

Cheats TOKYO GHOUL on Android is a role-playing game from the company BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. The creators of NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE, DigimonLinks and other popular games. Therefore, in the game you will see the work of an experienced team and will be able to enjoy an interesting game. Particular attention she attracts fans of the anime series. Now everyone can fight alongside one’s favorite heroes on the same side.


In the game you are waiting for a large number of battles, in order to win you need to inflict maximum damage. Combining the skills of characters, apply combo strikes and destroy the enemy. TOKYO GHOUL money, this is the ability to unlock new characters, or to raise the level of the team. Each player forms a team of 6 players. 3 of them are on the front line, and 3 in the rear. Choosing the right position for the character, this is an important element of the game. Create a unique team of your favorite heroes and participate in online battles.


The game is created in the style of 2D illustrations, but you can enjoy 3D models of heroes. Thanks to an experienced team, you can immerse yourself in an exciting story and get special skills. Fight with other players, destroy enemy teams and rise in the world ranking. Also, conduct a raid in search of new tips, weapons and heroes. Cheat codes TOKYO GHOUL, this is an opportunity to get precious stones and a lot of money on the account for free.


Using tricks you will be able to unlock special skills and gain an advantage. This will not only accelerate the process of passage, but will also raise the level. Use rare skills and surprise the enemy with deadly combos. Be prepared for serious challenges, use Ken Kenaki, Kisho Arima and other heroes to strengthen their positions and consolidate control. Following the prompts, everyone can get a lot of money on the account and unlock the paid items.

Cheat codes TOKYO GHOUL Hack, Android and iOS:

  • 9 850 gems for free – NE6_ # ZxaY1k
  • 125 000 money – L90_ # HD1A0r


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