An interesting arcade from the company voodoo, the game will allow you to become a tornado. Choose one of the many skins and go and crush everything in the neighborhood. Be careful, because besides you there are many other players. Be ready to move away from stronger characters. This is a free adventure for fans of exciting games. Hacked will allow you to unlock and use any of the skins, as well as disable advertising in the game. Follow the prompts to make the game even more enjoyable.

About the game

You can download mod apk for Android and iOS. Spin in the air and collect light objects. Collect many things to increase your level. Therefore, you can lift huge objects and even buildings into the air and increase much faster. fashion gives an unforgettable and unique experience. Thanks to a beautiful picture you can experience a unique and interesting experience. And thanks to different modes, you will be able to experience different experiences. Also, try new hacked games Dude Perfect 2 and Racing Fever for free. mod

First of all you will be able to collect trees and small things. A little training will show the most effective way to collect things. Each time you will become more, with the rise of the level, new opportunities open. Additionally, you can devour enemies that are smaller than you. To do this, you need to drive them into a trap. Since players of smaller sizes are more flexible and have more speed, they can escape from the opponent with a higher level.

Gameplay and controls

Draw an infinity sign on the screen to collect all the objects. Move between the buildings until they reach a high level. Cheats on Android gives a unique experience and the opportunity to be in the role of a tornado. In the process of passage, you can develop your own strategy for rapid passage. First you need to collect small items. As the level rises, appetites and opportunities grow.

Colorful cards are full of buildings, solar panels, trees and other objects. Sweep everything in your path to earn points. Each time you can choose a single mode, or battle with your friends. To take the first place, you need to collect the maximum number of points for a limited time. Skins can be unblocked free with the help of codes. To do this, do not necessarily spend a lot of time raising your level. mod

Graphics and sounds

Despite the simple games from Voodoo, this development has a beautiful graphics. 3D elements have bright colors and a lot of content. In addition to a dozen tornado skins, developers are constantly adding new maps and locations to explore. cheat codes for skins and experience will help to quickly unblock all items and experience different skins. Despite the repetitive tasks, it’s interesting to play each time.

And online mode, it’s always an unknown and unique fight. The ability to challenge friends is a great way to have fun and compete. Be ready to twist huge buildings in the air, in your hands control over the entire city. Rip off the roadway, and leave a bare ground behind you. Every attempt is an opportunity to set a new record and receive valuable rewards. Follow the prompts to learn how to use bonus codes and unlock valuable items. hack, cheat codes for Android and iOS:

• Unlock all skins – YY_ybQiLlw
• Disable advertising in the game – RJ_H3v2YWK


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