Torque Burnout hack

Torque Burnout – the perfect game for those who like to punch. Since there is not only an interesting gameplay. But also beautiful graphics, easy operation and amazing physics. This is a real world, in which cars rule and there is no place for everything else. Before you will not be easy tasks, but you will certainly cope with them if you are careful and try to glory. Fans of action games in which you need to fight against monsters, you need to play Big Hunter. If you want to use free resources, you can download Torque Burnout mod for free.

Free Tips:

First you need to choose a car and transform it into your style. improve its performance depending on the task you are facing. And they can be the most unpredictable. For example, you need to score the ball into the goal, and you need to make it your car. Use hack Torque Burnout to be the first. Shoot down pins and much more. All tasks are not quite suitable for the machine. But you have no other choice, because this is the world of cars and here they do everything.

Torque Burnout codes

Camera view can also be changed and then you will see how best to drift. And the realistic sounds of the engine will put you in a stupor, because they are very believable. For all the purchases and improvements in the game you need a lot of resources, and earning them is not so easy. But with Torque Burnout cheats for money, all the problems are over. Now you can not only drift in your pleasure, but also improve and buy a car.

All features of the game:

  • The most realistic graphics, physics and sound.
  • A huge number of cars, and each of them has its own characteristics.
  • Many tasks for which you will be rewarded.
  • Cameras have the ability to change their shooting angle.

Hacked Torque Burnout for Android and iOS, this is not just an exciting drift, this is the life of cars with our improvements. Having a lot of money with cheats, you can afford all the improvements and purchases. Now you do not need to enter your real money into the game to make purchases there. And personal information will remain personal. All that is not clear can be found in the instructions. Finally, you can not worry about the security of their devices. Since the codes are not only free, but also safe.

Torque Burnout cheat

Torque Burnout is a racing simulator in which the player will have to send his car into a skid and participate in drift competitions. The user is invited to participate in several game modes. In the test drive mode, you can practice and check what your own iron horse is capable of. In freestyle mode you need to score more points than your opponent.


In tournaments, you need to go through several stages to achieve victory, and in the tests to perform certain tasks for which precious points are given. For a start, the novice rider is given a car with not the most outstanding characteristics. Nevertheless, he is able to show a good result and get the first cash. You can purchase new cars for virtual currency, as well as improve existing ones. Presented fleet is very impressive, and here there is a suitable car for everyone.

Torque Burnout mod

Control of the game at first glance is quite simple. Only four keys are used to keep the car on the track. But at the entrance to the skid you need to show all the skill, so as not to fly out of the track. The graphics and sound are not bad and convey the atmosphere of drift competitions. Torque Burnout is a game for those who are tired of regular racing and need new challenges.

Cheats Torque Burnout Hack for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code, and get 990 000 money for purchases in the game – TBeu789wjj


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