Download the game Torque Drift and enjoy the drifting on your mobile phone. The game gives a realistic driving experience and the ability to create your own car. Since the game is in the beta test, and it’s hard to make money in it, you’ll need codes. Using the Torque Drift hacking, everyone can get a lot of money and unlock the desired car. But first let’s learn more about the game and its capabilities.

About the game

Since the developers of this game was the company League of Monkeys, created a popular Torque Burnout. Consequently, you get a thoughtful race in which you can get a real driving experience. Torque Drift for Android, it’s an opportunity to show your driving skills and earn the name of the best drifter. Because of the complexity of management, you will learn to enter the turns smoothly and gain maximum points on the track.

Torque Burnout codes

In addition to the gameplay in the game are available dozens of cars that can be purchased for virtual currency. The amount of the award will depend on the number of points collected. Since you need to look for sponsors to take part in the race, you have to create a name for yourself. The game will be available several modes in which you can show your skills. Build a career, rising in the ranking and challenging real players in multiplayer mode.

Game process

As usual, the game begins with training in which you will learn how to enter drift and exit the turn right. Torque Drift mod has a high level of complexity for the beginner, and with each subsequent task you need to improve the result. First of all you need to go through all the control points in drift. For this, in your arrangement there are 5 buttons, acceleration and brake, turn buttons and handbrake. And only the right combination will allow you to score drift points and earn money.

Torque Burnout cheat

In addition, in the game you can work on creating your own car. Unique appearance and specifications are available in the garage, but each purchase requires a large amount of money. Try to increase your rating and get resources from the sponsor, or use Torque Drift codes for money. This feature is available for Android, iOS. Drift on all the money and create a whole park of racing cars can every player.

Graphics and sounds

Since the developer has experience in creating a popular, mobile race, the game turned out very fresh. First of all, the team worked on creating a realistic experience and we can say that they succeeded. In addition to a dozen cars in the garage and the ability to change them, you get traced and realistic tracks. All the details in the game are clear, you have to train your skills and unlock more powerful cars.

Torque Burnout hack

Torque Drift cheats, this is an opportunity to win races and unlock cars. Money and gold makes it possible to freely open all modes and use endless tuning. In this mode, you can have fun. But since you need to achieve leadership, you will have to master the management skills perfectly. This free game becomes even more interesting after using cheat codes. You also can try the game Coin Master.

Torque Drift hack for Android and iOS:

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