Touchgrind BMX mod

Illusion Labs has created the game Touchgrind BMX. It quickly gained popularity among gamers. In it you can ride the BMX, perform tasks and teach new tricks. Previously, this boole is not so interesting on the touch screen, now you can experience a realistic driving experience. With an increase in the level, you will encounter more complex areas and irregularities. Go through challenging tasks and earn money to unlock all the items in the game. The full version of the game is available for money, but with the help of codes and Mod apk, anyone can get a hacked touchgrind BMX. Let’s get acquainted with the game and its secrets.

Gameplay and game features

The game was released a few years ago, but is still being updated. You can downoad Mod Touchgrind BMX for Android for free, but to unlock all locations and bikes, you will have to pay real money. The game has several game modes, each of them has different locations and types of surfaces. In the game, you can pass levels consistently, improving skills and learning new tricks. Manage BMX you will be using your fingers, almost from the first person.

To perform the trick, you need to navigate the screen in a special way. You quickly get used to the management and will be able to learn new chips. To pass the level, you need to score the maximum number of points. Only then you can unlock the next job. The game has dozens of bicycles, each of which has unique characteristics. So, to reach a higher level, you need to get used to the physics of bikes and learn new tricks.

Touchgrind BMX hack

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each bike to select the right one for the current job. If the level could not be completed, you can always try another BMX and try again. Free Touchgrind BMX money can be obtained with the help of codes. This will allow replacing parts in bikes and increasing their characteristics. To start the race, just press the “GO” button.

Racing and Management

Passing the first tasks you will follow the instructions, this will help you to quickly learn the management. Catching the wave, you can learn a couple of tasks correctly use your fingers to effectively manage the bike. Constantly practice overcoming more difficult obstacles. Consequently, the game will draw your attention to complex areas with the help of an alert. The better you cope with the task, the more medals you can get at the end of the race.

Game modes:

The game has several modes with different tasks. Create your own profile and advance in the career of the rider, or challenge your friends and fight for the best result. Touchgrind BMX mod allows you to update your equipment, buy new parts and install them. Updated features will improve your result on the track. Be prepared for the big problems, as the level rises, the requests to your skills increase.

Touchgrind BMX cheat


The game has beautiful 3D graphics with very realistic locations and physics. The developers tried to recreate the real experience of driving BMX. So, half a million reviews on Google Play speak about the success of the project, but to get the full version of Touchgrind BMX players often have to use hacking, or to download mod files.

With the help of codes, everyone can enjoy free play and relax during the races. Medals and money will allow you to update your technique and set new records in the game.

Touchgrind BMX hack

• Gold 1 000 000 – C1D8KMT_VO
• Unlock all the bikes – BKYVBQH_LJ
• Unlock locations – HMEX0E3_KL
• Disable advertising in the game – 727LV8W_H4
• Receive twice as many medals – QXT93C1_T7


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