All fans of racing do not pass by! You like speed and adrenaline – free game Traffic Racer is just for you. Hacked Traffic Racer with a cheat for endless money is not just a race, but a very dynamic and original racing simulator. The principle of the game is based on the classic runner – you go on the road, and on your way there are obstacles.

The developers of this game came up with a brilliant idea – they transferred to this mode of play ordinary traffic, the participant of which you will become. At a frantic speed, your car rushes along the road and you need to closely monitor the movement. One wrong turn of the steering wheel and your ride is over. To put a decent record that friends can not beat, you need to be a real ass.

Traffic Racer cheat

Game description:

As for the graphic component of the game, although it can not be compared with the races of the level of Real Racing or Asphalt, but also done quite qualitatively. Well-designed shadows and highlights, real machine models and convenient controls make the game quite attractive. In addition, on our site you can download Traffic Racer mod for Android and see for yourself the advantages of this game

I would like to praise the developers for the well-designed traffic, which really reminds of a daily trip. It’s true that not every day you manage to ride the Mustang, but other participants of the movement are quite realistic. And they go exactly like on the way to work. Given the real road conditions, this game outperforms its competitors in the genre. Try to establish your own record of real speed and confident control of the car.

Traffic Racer codes

Overview, gameplay:

There is no subject line, but the game is interesting and fascinating. The main idea is to speed at least 70 km / h, avoiding a collision. For a successful outcome of the arrival of the player is awarded with money, for which you can improve the iron horse or buy a new one. Maneuvering between cars, you can earn a lot of points. More points – more money. In total in Traffic Racer players are available 19 cars. But their real name is not displayed. So you can test yourself on the knowledge of brands of automobile concerns. In the beginning, a yellow pickup truck is given for free. But he is so weak that the lack of power he quickly bothers and does not really want to play. So it will take patience.

Several maps are available for races. You can ride on the roads of the suburbs, deserts, snow or night city. Some cards need to be bought, which is not easy. Sometimes, money is sorely lacking. There are 4 modes available for players: one-way and two-way modes, a time trial and free mode. Below you can download the hacked version of the game with endless money and the usual.

Traffic Racer mod

Secrets and Tips:

You can not play Traffic Racer with friends on the network. But the Turkish developer studio has created a website where you can upload video recordings of your races. Also there, players learn from the mistakes of their colleagues. Donut is present, but he is unobtrusive, for which many thanks to the team. Sometimes pops up advertising. The interface is simply, without superfluous detailing, which undoubtedly only pleases. It can only be in English or Turkish.

The graphics are good, but for modern games of this genre, of course I would like a better study. Its level can be configured depending on the performance of the smartphone or tablet. This is a huge plus of the game, the developers have taken care of users of equipment of any price category. In general, pretty nice graphics with 3D elements. It should be noted management.

Traffic Racer free

It is divided into 2 types: completely with the buttons or combined with the rotation of the device. Traffic Racer is a game for people who have too much free time. The gameplay is very addictive, it is extremely difficult to come off. Become a real likhachom. Just do not forget to use the brake pedal occasionally.

Cheat codes for Hack Traffic Racer, Android and iOS for free:

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