TrainStation 2, this is the second part of the most popular train simulator. The game has a lot of content, the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of trains, stations, cargo and technicians. Since the previous game received a lot of positive feedback, the sequel did not wait. While the game is in the beta test, it’s easy enough to get money. Hacked TrainStation 2, this is a bonus codes for money and gems. Follow the prompts and get a lot of money on the account without breaking the rules.

3D world of trains

A fascinating game has a number of additions and updates, but first we’ll get to know more about the gameplay. TrainStation 2 mod allows you to create your own station, take on it trains and send cargo. In addition, you can manage your train, choose a strategy for business development. Execution of each job brings money in the form of coins, they can be used to expand the collection. A fun and bright game is characterized by a lot of content and functions.

TrainStation 2 mod

First of all, this is a unique gameplay, combining train trips and creating your own station. Each player can test himself in the role of the creator of the station, as well as acquire the skills of creating trains. Unblock trains of different classes and use them for the delivery of goods. In the game, diesel, magnetic and electric trains are available. Try all models for the delivery of goods and travel by rail to other cities. In addition, use new hacked games, like Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World and Monsters with Attitude.

Game process

TrainStation 2 on Android gives a unique experience in managing trains. Navigate through the stations, picking up the cargo and delivering it. In the game you can travel to different locations, each station has a unique style. On them you can draw inspiration for creating your own, unique station. In the game you have to transport passengers, cargo and materials. The game will please hundreds of new assignments, and each update opens up new possibilities.

TrainStation 2 cheat

To contract with contractors, you will need a high level. The higher your rating, the more expensive contracts you can get. Also, you need to have free TrainStation 2 money in the game to buy materials, and also trains. High-level technology will allow you to fulfill orders on time and receive additional rewards. Travel to different countries, carry out assignments and develop your station. Bonus codes will make the success of your station unavoidable.

Graphics and sounds

The game has undergone significant changes, this version is distinguished by improved 3D graphics. A bright picture, beautiful animation and design will please the most selective gamers. Explore new locations, buy new models of trains in the train and use them to perform interesting tasks. Passing complex tasks will allow you to unlock tasks from important contractors. Cheat codes TrainStation 2 give the opportunity to remove the development restrictions and quickly become a tycoon in the railway industry.

TrainStation 2 codes

Let the bright picture do not distract you from the economic component. Carefully consider resources and use trade to increase capital. In the game, you can trade with friends and get into the partners of the major players in the market. Hire new locomotives, build a huge station with large turns and get a lot of money. Use tweaks you can on Android, iOS platform. This is a free way to get a lot of money and unlock valuable items.

TrainStation 2 hack, Android and iOS:

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