Let’s start with an interesting fact – the number of downloads of early versions of this hit around the world exceeded 40 (!) Million. For those who are already familiar with this series of games – you are waiting for a big surprise. The game has become much better, not only in terms of working out and graphics, but first of all in terms of diversity. Game Trial Xtreme 3 can boast 76 tracks. In the new version of the game the tracks became even more interesting – now on the way you are waiting for the wreckage of old cars, different pipes and metal structures and even mines!

The developers were not too lazy and added the editor of motorcycles. Now you can create the “iron horse” of your dream and enjoy it directly on it. Hacked Trial Xtreme 3 full version (a lot of money) is a great chance to realize your dreams of a new motorcycle that you can not afford in real life. And such tricks, as in this game, not everyone has the courage to perform. Considering the greatly improved graphics engine, the gameplay looks much more interesting!

Trial Xtreme 3 cheat


And of course there was multiplayer. The creators decided not to trivialize and added a full-fledged multiplayer mode to the game. Now you can compete with friends or casual rivals. And not only on your mobile device, but also through social networks. You can absolutely download Trial Xtreme 3 mod for Android and iOS.

Also available offline game mode. Prove to everyone that you are the most extreme racer! Do not miss the chance to install the game and test your motorcycle control skills on the most difficult routes. And do not forget, you will only go on the best motorcycles, so that rivals have no chance! This game can not be confused with the game Traffic Racer. You know perfectly well why.

Trial Xtreme 3 codes

Secrets and Tips:

Trial Xtreme 3 cheats – the third part of the popular tri-trial for android. In the new version of the game, the authors did a great job of improving the graphics component, which was adapted slightly modified gameplay. The main task of the player is to ride the race track from start to finish, while remaining in the saddle.

After starting the game, the user is offered to immediately start the race, or go to the settings of the appearance, where you can quickly change the color of the bike and the style of the rider. There you can get all sorts of improvements, including new vehicles.

There are no any modes in Trial Xtreme 3 game . The player simply needs to select a map and track on it, and immediately proceed to the race. For the passed route the user is waited with generous rewards which can be spent in an in-game store. Each level contains an average of 20 locations, differing in quantity and quality of obstacles. Accordingly, the higher the track number, the heavier it is.

Trial Xtreme 3 hack

Cheats for Hack Trial Xtreme 3 for Android and iOS:

  • Get + 60 000 Coins for free – De-h2039t
  • Unlock Xtreme Level Pack – H-ry2389i
  • Desert Level Pack – S-fht309t
  • Unlock all packages in the game – Dc-fh2309t

Graphics became much better than previous releases. Textures and other elements of the interface are made qualitatively and beautifully, which provides a deeper immersion in the gameplay. Owners of obsolete gadgets should not worry, because the improvements did not affect the performance, so you can enjoy the triathlon even on weak smartphones and tablets. As a result, it should be said that Trial Xtreme 3 cheat codes is worthy of the continuation of all favorite games, which brought not only colorful and modern graphics, but also many other interesting features, including enhanced customization and many new locations.


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