Use free Trial Xtreme 4 hack and get the victory. Here the main player is invited to conquer many difficult tracks in motorcycle racing. Right in the middle of the city on his “iron horse”. The beginning of the adventure begins on an abandoned building, where construction materials are scattered all over the place. There is a forgotten special equipment in the form of huge bulldozers and high mounting cranes.

A player in the image of a biker will have to ride exactly along such routes, which are full of all kinds of obstacles. After the training, where the gamer is given the opportunity to learn the basics of managing his vehicle. He is given the opportunity to conquer the complex trails. All levels in the free game Trial Xtreme 4 main character will not have to go all alone, but in a pair with no one else than with the ghost of a completely different character.

Trial Xtreme 4 mod


The opponent in the game will be selected randomly, and at the same time an automatic bet on the win will be made. In case of victory – you can pick up the jackpot. Otherwise, you will lose all funds, which means that you will have to go through the route again. But if you have an opponent, the battle for victory will be much more exciting. You can use free downloading Trial Xtreme 4 mod apk for Android and iOS.

And instead of making striking somersaults, it will be necessary to avoid all the obstacles encountered and to get away from obstacles that can easily blow your head off. In the case if you fall off your bike, then your character “beautifully” sprawls on the track. In the game between the races the hero is invited to improve his motorcycle, for example, to buy a new engine, shock absorbers, to change the wheels, which will allow the gamer to increase speed, manageability and much more. Cheats Trial Xtreme 4 for Android and iOS will help you a lot.

Trial Xtreme 4 cheat

Gameplay and graphics:

In the event that your “iron horse” has actually become perfect, you can think about the form for the biker himself. In the game store you can pick up an interesting T-shirt, trousers, shoes or a funny helmet, which will make your character original. To the drawbacks of the gameplay Trial Xtreme 4 can be attributed entirely “infernal” donate, which does not allow you to buy a new motorcycle, because the money earned will appear in your pockets in a fairly long time.

You can ride for free only at the construction site. Then inevitably have to pay. Nevertheless, Trial Xtreme 4 is quite an interesting, entertaining game in which it is recommended to play absolutely everything. Below you can download hacked Trial Xtreme 4 for free which will have a lot of money for any purchases that you will need. This game is the next version of the all-loving game Trial Xtreme 3.

Trial Xtreme 4 codes


Free Coins Trial Xtreme 4 – quality racing for Android platform devices. The game process is a race with overcoming obstacles on a variety of routes, scattered around the living megalopolis. First, the player will find himself on an abandoned building with a lot of construction equipment and building materials. Here the user is invited to receive training in order to learn the basics and nuances of management. After training, you can start the most interesting, namely, the passage of levels.

All routes are held for a limited time. In this case, the specter of another player will compete with the rider. It is selected automatically, like the bet on winning. When you win, the user picks up all the money for himself, with a loss. It remains with nothing and tries to pass the route again.

Trial Xtreme 4 free coins

Cheat codes for Hack Trial Xtreme 4 for Android and iOS, free:

  • Get + 175 000 Coins for free – Ws-th39hfc
  • Unlock all Level Packs – Rf-gh230gdwe

On honestly earned funds in the intervals between races. It is necessary to modernize the motorcycle, acquiring to it various spare parts. From the new engine to the wheels. You can also look at the appearance of the bike. And the clothes of a motorcyclist for the purchase of a unique appearance. But to buy a new iron horse is problematic without the infusion of real money. Nevertheless, Trial Xtreme 4 – a good racing game with user-friendly controls and boring gameplay, which will appeal to fans of the genre.


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