Take part in battles, the game Trials of Heroes gives a unique experience. Mobile strategy is available for download on the platform Android, iOS. In it you can gather heroes, develop skills and participate in battles. Since the game does not necessarily have access to the network, you can play anywhere. Exploring the dungeon, you can get valuable rewards in the form of unique skills, new characters and abilities. Hacked Trials of Heroes will allow you to get a lot of money on the account, additional crystals. Since the codes require different input methods for Android, iOS devices, the article contains detailed instructions.

About the game

Wonderful strategy quickly gained popularity among fans of this genre. Trials of Heroes mod gives you the opportunity to assemble a team of powerful characters. Combining several powerful heroes with unique abilities. To defeat the enemy and win fame, you need a strategy and skillful use of the skills of the characters. Downloading Trials of Heroes mod you get the opportunity to move freely and make free purchases. Using tricks in the game, it is primarily an opportunity to play its own way without restrictions.

Trials of Heroes mod

Play outside the rules, take advantage. So you can get even more pleasure from the vast world and landscape locations. As you move between swamps, dungeons and labyrinths, each time battles will be different. Be ready to accept the challenge at any time. Get rid of the enemy can only destroy it. This strategy has a unique gameplay and the ability to craft.

Game process

Fight the enemy, collect items and valuable rewards. Trials of Heroes heroes, this is the most important part in endless battles. Spend coins and crystals to improve their power and develop skills. Automatic strikes and special strikes will get rid of the enemy. In addition, the game gives the experience of RPG, so you can work on creating a unique team of heroes. In addition, you can unlock other hacked games: Rush Rally 3 and Swinging Stupendo.

Trials of Heroes codes

Extensive maps provide unique experiences and opportunities. Fight on open ground, or dark dungeons. Everywhere there is an opportunity to show their skills. And in order to have support from friends, or allies, you will need to join the guild. For the successful passage and victory over the monsters will need help. Destroy monsters guards and break into new locations.

Game features

• Unique gameplay, IDLE style game.
• Huge locations, diverse terrain and diverse experience.
• Ability to use 100 heroes to create a unique and powerful team.
• Trials of Heroes codes make it possible to get game sets in the form of crystals and money.
• Ability to unite with friends in alliances and support each other.
• Each battle is an opportunity to earn additional resources and valuable rewards.
• Extensive and endless gameplay.

Trials of Heroes cheat

Graphics and sounds

The uniqueness of the game does not end at the most battles, graphic design will delight with a great picture. The graphics of the game has a high degree of detail and clear pictures. Get the best experience and enjoy a pleasant voice acting. Trials of Heroes cheats give you the freedom to shop and allow you to quickly raise your level. Get ready for tough battles and heavy battles.

Spend your resources on creating an invincible team of heroes. The ability to use alliance support is a chance to quickly level up. Thanks to the simple installation and unique gameplay, you can enjoy the game. Cheat codes will allow you to buy valuable items and unlock the right things. These tricks work on the Android, IOS platform, follow the prompts and get unlimited resources.

Trials of Heroes hack, Android and iOS:

• Monthly Card – rT_RVFalJnE
• Weekly Pack 1999 – qo_94V8A0cZ
• 250 Crystals (you can enter several times) – qj_RIzi9Rno


  1. Is by far my favorite mobile game of all time. I have maxed out gear and levels and have the tempest rage legendary enchantment and a medium enchantment on all of my gear.

    Thanks for the codes, I want to unlock the elite equipment.

  2. Thanks for the codes, I want to unlock the elite equipment.
    Thanks for the help guys. Your codes have helped me save money, the game has become much more interesting.


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