If the game seems ridiculous to you, then you can say that you are a cheerful person. And look at the problems with a smile, and if not. It is also good, because on someone else’s trouble, as adults said, it’s bad to laugh. Developers from SPIL GAMES have already created a second similar game. Where you have to be either a victim of trolling, or become a troll. In fact, hacked Troll Face Quest Unlucky is a puzzle game, under which the famous heroes from Internet jokes are hiding. These characters are familiar to all young people, so the popularity of the game is mainly used only from them.

USe cheats Troll Face Quest Unlucky for free. Well, yes, trolls are now much more popular than Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. So, the gameplay of the game is presented in such a way that each level plays some kind of sketch where the main task of the player is to solve the puzzle. Usually quick decision making is not always right, which means you will be affected.

Troll Face Quest Unlucky mod

Secrets and Tips:

To solve the puzzle you will have to find a non-standard solution and usually these are the real trifles, which are hard to draw attention to, and not to take them seriously. Troll Face Quest Unlucky does not provide you with any story. Instead, each scene, that is, a level, gives you the opportunity to play a trick on your character. After all, the game was created for fun, so you can laugh at the main character as much as you like. You can download Troll Face Quest Unlucky mod apk for free.

Sometimes, passing the level depends on simple tapes on the screen, as to understand what the mystery is complicated. If such a passage of levels is not your assistant, then try to use hints that are paid in the game. That’s due to paid tips game and monetized. It is worth noting that lay out their blood will not for every hint, but immediately for everything.


So from this side the proposal looks more attractive than similar offers from other games. For fans of the previous game from the developers of SPIL GAMES. It can be said that this is a worthy continuation of the traditions, where the main place is given to fun. And a bit of silly jokes, the emphasis of which is on a young audience. Also, you can use free new hacked games Running Circles and Death Moto 3.

Troll Face Quest Unlucky cheat

Troll Face Quest Unlucky is a classic quest for Android, in which the player needs to help the main character escape from a certain place. This time, the user will manage the drawn character, who was abducted by intruders, as a result of which he found himself in a large mansion. For release, he will need to solve a variety of puzzles and build traps for the kidnappers. The game process is complicated by a limited number of moves, so any step should be calculated here.

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