If it becomes boring in pairs or sad at work – we advise you to download hacked True Skate for Android. This is one of the most original skate arcades of its kind. Here you can realize even the most complex stunts on the skateboard, which is unlikely to be repeated elsewhere. USe free Cheats True Skate game for Android and iOS.

The game has a large number of sites where you can do tricks, limited only by your imagination. This is accompanied by simple control – if you ever had a fingerboard, you show a good result in this game, because the game you need only 2 fingers and those very native movements! Also, there is a well-designed physics, which makes performing tricks more difficult, and the game more interesting! You do not need to download True Skate mod apk.

True Skate mod

At performance of a trick to you points are added. Their number depends on the complexity of the trick that you performed. Also in the game there is a constantly updated rating, which means that many players will be able to see you in TOP and, most likely, they will try to surpass your result, which adds to the game also the competitive moment!

A distinctive feature of the game is:

  • excellent and qualitatively drawn 3D graphics;
  • realistic skateboard model;
  • a large number of sites;
  • minimum system requirements;
  • world rating;
  • simple management;
  • is an excellent timekiller!

Hacked Tru Skate (full version with a mod) will delight every fan of this kind of arcade, because it contains the best qualities from each of the games of this kind – everyone will be able to experience themselves here as a real skater, even if you can not repeat this in real life! And if you already skate on the board, you can really feel the reality of everything happening on the screen!

True Skate codes

Cheat codes for Hack True Skate for Android and iOS, free:

  • Get + 90 000 Cash for free – Y-fht0329f
  • Unlock any 3 Items for free – E-gh30g3
  • No Ads – E-vgh390

True Skate – entertaining simulator of skateboarding on android. The game is designed for a fairly narrow audience of users of smartphones and tablets, but in view of its uniqueness may appeal to everyone. Developed by the company True Axis, which gained popularity thanks to the object of the review. At the first stage, the player will get acquainted with the basics of management and show basic tricks. It is not necessary to hurry, since further training depends on the training. Since the control is carried out by two fingers, the owners of small screens can experience some discomfort due to the closure of the hand by a large field of view.


The visual component of True Skate hack is perform at a decent level: high-quality textures, realistic parks and objects on them create the effect of full immersion in extreme skating. Immediately after the training, the main missions begin, in which you need to perform various tricks and tricks, overcome a number of obstacles for a while and much more. To become a real pro, the player will have to master about 30 tricks that exist in real sports. (Game development is supervising by top skateboarders).

There are games and drawbacks. The main thing is management, it is very innovative and unusual, which can alienate potential users. Although if you go a little deeper, then it is probably not possible to implement another management in such a game. As the spirit of realism is lost. Downloading True Skate considering the best mobile application for skateboarding. If you do not take into account the only negative, then on the output we have a quality arcade skateboard simulator. You can delay it for a long time on a smartphone or tablet.


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