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Ultra Kill is a new multiplayer shooter for android. The plot of the game as a current is absent. Everything is very easy to choose a hero, a weapon, and advance to the virtual world to improve your skills. Demonstrating to the enemies everything you can do. To invent and solve you will simply have nothing to do here. To which you will need to pay your attention – this is to survive on the battlefield. Use cheats Ultra Kill for Android and iOS.

Therefore, your main goal is to shoot at anyone you meet on the way, and try to do it faster than your rival. And also, rivals in the game are the same as you gamers who came into the game to prove their superiority. So do not hope that survival will be an easy task. After the Internet connection, the players of the same level will join you at the location. At the time of the battle. You have only 4 minutes allotted, during which time you will be repeatedly killed. Also, you can download Ultra Kill mod apk.

Ultra Kill mod

Secrets and Tips:

But you, in turn, will try to take as many lives as possible. Locations for battles in the game Ultra Kill are two-dimensional platforms with ledges and thresholds. On which you move in search of the enemy, and if you squeeze, quickly move away in search of cover. The more enemies you destroy during a combat duel, the more you get game currency.

To extend your life, you can use additional equipment, first-aid kits and armor. For money earned in fights, you can buy new, more powerful weapons in the store. In addition, the game offers you a choice of a large arsenal of various types of weapons. From real weapons analogues to fantastic specimens. But do not rush, just accumulating enough experience and money. You can discover and experience all the possibilities of the game.


Control of the game Ultra Kill is quite simple and is limited to two joysticks located in different parts of the screen. In addition, it is possible to reconfigure it by replacing them with simple swipe and taipa. The only drawback in the management – a little weak sensitivity. Dynamic gameplay does not allow you to escape from the screen for a second.

Ultra Kill cheat

The graphics in the game are made in high-quality drawing style, bright colors with very detailed drawing of weapons and game environment. The moments of the murder are visually represented in a rather brutal form. In addition, the game is distributed completely free of charge. But without external infusions you will find it difficult to resist players making inside-game purchases. In addition, you can download hacked Jigty Jelly and Uphill Rush Santa Monica Bay  for free.


  • Nice and beautiful graphics
  • Dual stick control
  • More than 60 types of weapons, including automatic, semi-automatic, explosive and melee weapons
  • Dozens of types of equipment – create a unique fighter
  • Beautiful locations with destructible objects
  • Damage model, injuries
  • Quick start of the fight: press the button and start the mess!

Hacked Ultra Kill is a cool online shooter for android arena type. Dynamic and entertaining shooter in which you have to destroy enemies in many different ways. From the first second, the game, without going into details of the plot, sends to the inferno, quickly trains and gives a couple of main guns. Also, ustomize your character, buy weapons and go again and again to trample enemies!

Ultra Kill codes

Studio GIGL is well known to owners of Android devices primarily for their games from the genre “Farm”. Almost all the products of this developer are characterized by excellent graphics and measured, slow gameplay. Ultra Kill – an attempt by GIGL to release something new and when creating a game, the developers decided to move away from the usual canons, having pleased gamers with a dynamic online shooter.

How to hack the game:

Visually, the game is quite simple, two-dimensional multi-level locations, the graphics also leaves much to be desiring. But the gameplay itself is beyond praise. Dynamic battles against players from around the world, dozens ofapons and hundreds of ways to kill, a variety of modes, a variety of cards, a spectacular system of damage. And also the ability to create a huge number of combinations of equipment. It is worth noting and well-developed control, oriented under the touch screens.

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