UNKILLED is a game in which just great graphics, so if this is an important point when choosing a game, then this is what suits you. New York is a city in which a large number of horror films were shot, including games. So this game is no exception and it is time to kill all the zombies in this beautiful city. You and other players will play for the military organization for the destruction of zombies. Love the mythical creatures and the strategic approach to the game? Then you need to play Stay Alive Survival. You can download UNKILLED mod apk for free and fast.

Secrets and Tips:

In the beginning, you just had to track them down, and then destroy them, but now they have filled all the circles and the situation is out of control. The first thing you need to choose a weapon and good equipment. After all, the enemy is very strong even without weapons. You need to be prepared for unforeseen situations and have the ability to extricate yourself from any situation. Also, we recommend you to use hack UNKILLED  codes for free.


At your disposal will be a huge amount of weapons, with which to go through many levels. At the end of each level you will have to wait for a strong boss and you also need to destroy him. For all purchases and improvements in the game you will need a huge amount of resources. With UNKILLED cheats for money, gold and ammunition, make it a lot easier.

Interesting information about the game:

  • More than 300 levels that need to pass.
  • Strong boss at the end of each level.
  • Weapons of more than 40 types, with the possibility of improvement.
  • More than 150 tasks to complete.
  • You can fight immediately with 5 players.
  • Invite friends to the game or play with other players from around the world.
  • The ability to choose a costume for your hero, to disguise.


Hacked UNKILLED on Android and iOS, give you a bunch of possibilities in the game. Finally, you can make all purchases for free. Codes can be entered many times, if you do not know how to use them, go to the link below on the website and look at the details on use. Now you do not need to download mods or buy special settings. First of all, the codes will give you a lot of money, gold and ammunition. You can enter codes many times and all the time it will be safe for any of your devices.

UNKILLED is a new first-person zombie shooter from the developers of cool projects like Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, with which it has many similarities. The plot as such is not here. Again, scientists conducted a test of a new drug, again the experiment went out of control, and the virus broke out, simultaneously infecting everyone around. The player also needs to clear the infected areas of the living dead, at the same time performing a variety of quests.



The passage is divided into many short missions, during which there will be both primary and secondary objectives. In the final tasks of each chapter, you must fight a big zombie boss. Control is done by means of joysticks located on the left and right of the screen. The first is responsible for the movement, the second – for the review. Shooting is done either automatically when aiming at the enemy, or using the firing button. There is a huge range of small arms from ultrasound to AK-47 and machine guns. Most weapons are bought for gold, which is very small here, so you have to pay for it with real money.

Graphics – this is one of the main advantages of the game. All locations, enemies and weapons are drawn very well. There are also soft shadows from objects. The soundtrack also did not disappoint. The cries of the living dead and the sound of shots create an atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse. UNKILLED is a great genre follower of Dead Trigger, captivating gameplay and interesting missions.

Hack UNKILLED Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Get 600 000 money in the game, using the code – Ubsge3km
  • 50,000 gold can be obtained with the cheat code – U4tgey67
  • For 7,000 ammunition, use the code, for free – U8uy76t5


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