Meet a new strategy from Erepublik Labs. Vietnam War: Platoons, this is a free game for mobile devices, you can download it from Google Play. Here you can realize your potential as a strategist, or show your abilities in a new MMO. Since you have your own army, you need to learn a lot and make important decisions. Your squad will consist of fighters, helicopters, tanks and other equipment. Hacked Vietnam War: Platoons, this is an opportunity to get a lot of money on the account, as well as additional gold.

Build your own army

First of all, this is a military strategy and the army will have to be built from scratch. And this is not only military training grounds, barracks and bases. Since you need something to feed and extract resources and develop technology, you need the appropriate buildings. Vietnam War: Platoons for Android has dozens of types of buildings to choose a player, the Vietnam War has become one of the biggest, in which various parties took part.

Vietnam War: Platoons codes

Now you can also live the historical events and take the main part in the battles. Build an army, look for allies and create an army of many thousands with support from the air and heavy equipment. Since it will be difficult for you to fight alone, it is very important to find allies and use their support. Knowledge of history will allow you to quickly get acquainted with the situation and immerse yourself in difficult conditions. These are not simple battles, as in the game Last Empire War Z. In addition, you can feel the real climate of the war.

Game process

First you need to choose a general, this is the main assistant and a guide to the world. Learn the main elements to build and develop your city. The victory will get the most technological, so it is very important to use new technologies. Download Vietnam War: Platoons mod a lot of money will go to buildings and upgrades and with the help of gold, it will be much easier. The game will begin with the construction of the city, key buildings and important buildings.

Vietnam War: Platoons mod

With each battle and the completed task, you will receive rewards and experience. This way you can unlock new updates and will be able to increase the characteristics. The game has a lot of resources to keep tabs on, so you’ll need food, wood, iron, money to upgrade the buildings. Since gold Vietnam War: Platoons, this is a premium currency that is sold for real money, it is critically lacking in the game. Using cheat codes, everyone can get a lot of money on Android, iOS.

Graphics and sounds

After downloading the mod game you move for dozens of years on the back, despite the colorfulness of Vietnam the game has dull colors. This more plausibly reflects the atmosphere of military operations. And Vietnam War: Platoons cheats, this gives you the opportunity to explore and play the game much faster. Three-dimensional graphics with perfectly traced buildings and objects of that time. Intuitive control, the ability to choose a faction and party for battles.

Vietnam War: Platoons cheat

A very important part of the game are alliances, only so you can win in important battles. Heavy equipment, cunning and the right strategy will help to win in difficult battles and get valuable rewards. After downloading the game you get the opportunity to explore a large map of the world, collect resources and destroy enemies.

The presence of chat, it’s an opportunity to communicate with the alliance members in real time. Conquer the palace and get advice from the general, money Vietnam War: Platoons cheats, this is an opportunity to gain a strategic advantage. Now, the title of President is a more realistic goal. Increase your rating and become a respected person on the world map.

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