Game WARPATH, this is a new mobile strategy for mobile devices. Since the game was released by the company Lilithgames, the creators of Soul Hunters, Art of Conquest: Dragon Dawn, then you have a quality strategy. Because of the great competition in this market, gamers can get a new experience for free.

At the same time, this is a signal that there are gaming purchases. This game will not be an exception and apart from advertising you will find many restrictions. Hacked WARPATH for Android, iOS using codes, this is the original version of the game and promo codes. In this article you will find tips and tips, but first we’ll get to know the game process in more detail.


Become a commander:

The actions of the game take place during the Second World War, when humanity began to need a noble commander. As a result, you will lead the army, build your own military town and participate in world wars. WARPATH on Android has dozens of locations and a huge map. Therefore, you will have to learn a lot to take the leading positions on the map. Be prepared for tough competition and difficult tasks.

Since the game has several modes, in the mode of the company you will be able to learn the basics of combat. But the most attractive is the online mode, where you can meet face to face with a real opponent. Exciting, strategic battles in which you can take direct part. Manage the army, direct and make important decisions. Each victory will bring additional experience, money, gold and other resources.

Real-time strategy, gameplay:

Start to be with the army, in the training you will spend a couple of battles. Download WARPATH mod has a wide variety of buildings, weapons and officers, which you can use to create an army. Due to the wide variety of items available for selection, each player can create a unique team. First of all, this leads to the unpredictability of the battle, so every time you need to make the right decisions to win.


First, gather the greatest generals, the presence of legendary personalities will raise your level. This will allow access to new weapons and upgrades. But since you need money to buy soldiers, you can use the WARPATH cheat codes. This is an easy way to unlock the basic elements and quickly raise the level in the game. Compared with the regular player, having money, you can speed up a lot of processes and unlock the legendary generals of different eras.

Graphics and conclusions:

The game has a simple graphics, it allows you to play the game on the simplest smartphone. Since the games are free, you can see advertisements in it, but they are easy to disable (see below). The classic strategy has vertical graphics, which allows you to manage all processes with one finger. The map of the game does not have bright elements, which will allow it to sink in times of war.

WARPATH money in the game is needed at any level, and the higher it is, the more resources will be needed for further improvements. Therefore, a gamer has to spend money on gaming purchases, or for a long time to wait for an update. Having gold, the size of your territory can increase multiple. Because codes can be used several times, this gives access to unlimited resources. Follow the instructions and get more fun from the game.


WARPATH hack for Android and iOS:

• 500 000 gold – di # sL7546Vg
• 500 000 metal – Qu # Eh3563Ov
• 500,000 oil – FW # xb7546nr
• Disable ads – JC # 0bU34634WZ
• Double experience – Qi # hZIC34634n9



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