West Gunfighter mod

West Gunfighter is a world of wild west with animals and various trials. You need to become a fearless cowboy and try to survive in this wild nature. You can choose your path. Become a noble knight and help the needy or be a criminal and decide who should live and who to die. You will always have a revolver with you and you will be able to use it at any time. You need to explore this uncharted world and perform various tasks for which you will be rewarded.

If you just want to relax, then you can spend your day at the gaming table or fight in a duel, but for this money you will not earn, and if there are no resources then it becomes boring to play, because you want to buy and improve a lot. With cheat codes West Gunfighter you will have a lot of coins, crystals and cartridges for purchases and improvements in the game that you can use for absolutely free.

West Gunfighter hack

Secrets and Tip

Features of this game will be the ability to combine eight suits in a cowboy style. At your disposal there will be more than 20 types of weapons, the most extreme of which is the knife. Do all the tasks assigned to you or just do nothing, the choice is also only for you. You can challenge many enemies with a variety of strengths, as well as an unpredictable animal. If you get tired of constantly killing, then play mini games and get extra bonuses for the game.


Hacked West Gunfighter for Android and iOS, will give an opportunity to get our unique cheat codes, and together with them many coins, crystals and cartridges for purchases and improvements in the game. You do not need additional settings or enter and leave your personal data in the game. It’s very simple and codes can be entered many times. All the codes are completely free and absolutely safe for any of your devices. If you have not already met such cheat codes, then follow the link below on the site and review the details on the use. You need to download West Gunfighter mod apk.

West Gunfighter cheats

Hack West Gunfighter for Android and iOS:

  • 290,000 coins – G-fht93wg
  • 90 000 crystals – Z-ft023th
  • 9 000 rounds – M-fi093wh

How to use cheat codes West Gunfighter:

Anyone can use the codes, so it’s very easy and you can look at all the details on our website. Arrange a duel or just competition with your friends, they have not yet met such entertainment. In order for the game to become available for your ip – follow the terms of the site. Enjoy the gameplay and our cheats for free.


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