Where’s My Water 2 free game- Our green hero returned with even more intricate puzzles and an irresistible desire to swim. This time his friends Krenki and Ella will not interfere with him, but on the contrary, they help. The game has three new locations, divided into different levels. Swarms invites you to a soap factory, extensive and intricate sewage tunnels, and a city beach. This is the next part of the game Where’s My Water.

Hacked Where’s My Water 2, developed under the android platform, has the same gameplay as in the first part. But there are some differences. So every mini-game you can take, both in the usual way, and in another way. For example, first run the water in a bath with a crocodile, when it is at the bottom, and after successfully passing the level, you can try another way – when the bath is at the top, or you need to clear the sand without hitting any duck. And so on.

Where's My Water 2 mod

Features full version of the game Where’s My Water 2:

  • 100 new exciting levels for logic and intelligence;
  • New modes of passing missions;
  • Look for ducklings in the sand to unlock new levels and earn more money;
  • Appearance of bonuses – Vacuum, Filler and Sorbent;
  • Synchronization with Facebook, where you can communicate with like-minded people;
  • Special achievements as awards for excellent passing – duck-heroes;
  • Tooltips for solving puzzles.

Cheat codes Where’s My Water 2 – the continuation of the popular puzzle, which was eagerly awaited by a large number of fans of the original. The task here is the same – to help the protagonist to collect water in order to splash in the bathroom. The gameplay has not changed much. The player needs to draw water to the crocodile, overcoming various obstacles.

Where's My Water 2 codes

Each user will be able to handle the initial levels, but as the passage progresses, the complexity will increase, and for success, it will be necessary to strain the convolutions thoroughly. Managing the flow of water is quite simple. To do this, you need to slide your finger along the ground, after which a depression is forming, into which water flows. It must be care to the pipe leading to the protagonist. It will be easy to do this only at first: gradually the levels will be filled with all sorts of obstacles that need to be bypassed. You should download Where’s My Water 2 mod apk.

Not without innovations. Now there are new modes, such as passing the level for a while. These changes should diversify the gameplay. Where’s My Water 2 – an excellent sequel to the logical arcade, zaimevshego fans around the world. The game has an excellent graphics, memorable characters, and will be interesting to all, without exception, lovers of puzzles.

Secrets and Tips:

New fascinating sequel to the adventure along with all your favorite Crocodile, your attention is shown one of the most interesting puzzles, this is the second part of the famous Where’s My Water! The game features an excellent HD picture with beautiful and juicy colors that will only please the eye! Also, you will not remain indifferent to the sound of the game, as the music in the background of the game is perfectly matched for a comfortable game!

Where's My Water 2 cheat

This is a very exciting and entertaining game because it opens three completely new fascinating locations. Such as: Sewer, Soap Plants and Beach. Your task is to break through the mazes. Break through the tunnels of water and steam to help Swoopy and his friends! At the beginning of the game you are shown a small prehistory. So that the game takes on a fascinating story! You are offered 100 levels in the updated underground world. Below you can download the full version of the game Where’s My Water 2 mod.


In the hack Where’s My Water 2 you are given new test modes that will allow you to pass this or that level completely differently! In the “Duck Race” game mode, dig as fast as possible to collect as many ducks as possible! Now you have the opportunity to pass the level faster and more exciting thanks to new useful bonuses called Vacuum and Filler and we can get them for a small fee! You have the opportunity to compete with your friends by connecting to the social network Facebook!

Where's My Water 2 free

Enjoy the excellent mechanics developed individually for each character of the game Where’s My Water 2 cheats! You can get achievements and collect special ducks like the Hawaiian duck and the like! If suddenly any level has led you astray, you can always use hints, they will help you solve the puzzle! This yoke is suitable for adults and children, because it is very exciting, it will help you to have fun!

Where’s My Water 2 Hack, Cheat codes for Android and iOS, free:

  • Unlock Keychain 1-5 for free- Cas-h390f
  • Energy Refill – Ucs-h2309f
  • Vacuum, Absorber and Dropper Power-up Bundle – Cpj-j2938fg


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