Free game Where’s My Water? is a pretty toothy creature that claims to settle in your phone or tablet forever. And it is better for him to give in order to avoid the danger of testing the strength of his teeth on his own skin. Joke. Unlike their bloodthirsty relatives, our hero is very friendly and sweet. Just nyasha! It is bad only for those who interfere with his desire to swim every day. Very toothy does not like dirty.

In the hacked Where’s My Water, adapted for devices based on android your task, to help the hero to fulfill his dream – to take a bath. And help him in this will have over 500 levels. They are nothing but very confusing puzzles. On them you have to build a bath, lay pipes, come up with how to carry water on them and much more. Thus so-called friends of the crocodile, do not want to see it clean, as it implores the proud title of the Crocodile, and therefore in every way try to prevent you. And they do not shun even to poison the water or replace it with hydrochloric acid in the bath. Therefore, be on the alert!

Where's My Water mod

Full version of the game Crocodile Swamp is:

  • 500 puzzling levels of interest;
  • The version is presented in Russian;
  • Additional tests and levels allowing you to score more points and bonuses;
  • The presence of other game characters – Crocodile Allie Alligator Kranky, as well as a mysterious duck.

You can download Where’s My Water mod apk. It is a famous puzzle game for android and ios. Swampy is a very clean crocodile, despite the fact that he has to live in the sewer. Your task is to help the protagonist take a shower, directing water flows by digging channels. It will not do without solving puzzles with pipes. Water constantly flows down, if a trough forms in the ground, we need to bring it to a special pipe, to which the crocodile shower is directly connected.

Despite the fact that all the gameplay of Where’s My Water cheats actually comes down to digging channels, the project does not seem monotonous, and, moreover, simple. Developers do not get tired of complicating the main character access to the desired water. Almost every new level introduces new objects related to the game process. For example, bombs that explode if they get water. In addition to these troubles, the game also contains various bonuses hidden in the ground. For the best passage of the level, it is necessary to transport all three ducklings along with the water, which in most cases is extremely difficult.

Where's My Water free

Secrets and Tips:

The application has nice hand-drawn graphics and smooth animation. In the game, there were no noticeable shortcomings. It becomes clear that the developers have tried from the heart. Later they made a similar project, which is called Where’s My Water?. Crocodile Swampy is a wonderful application with a funny character in the lead role that can be loved not only by children, but also by adults. Note that the online edition of phonearena and Pocket Gamer recognized his play of the year.

Immediately after installing and downloading the game you will get acquainted with the main character – Crocodile Swampy. This hero is similar to his relatives – crocodiles, but differs from them, because he very much likes cleanliness. From this it follows that your task will be to help him, to take water procedures. Everything will become a bit complicated after you find out that he lives in a sewer under the city.

In the continuation of the game “Where’s My Water” you will meet with his friends who want to change the habits of his friend to standard crocodiles. One of his friends is Krenky (a wise, hungry, grumbling alligator). Also in this part we can get acquainted with the girlfriend of Swampy – Ellie (a lover of modern music).

Gameplay and review:

Your main task, in this game, will be creating favorable conditions for taking a bath with the Swallowcock. The difficulty here is that the developers take into account all the physical properties of this liquid (water). You will need to build a route from the pipes so that the water does not collide on the way to the bathroom with harmful bacteria, toxic contaminants or the like. Do not doubt that all this will make you move your convolutions !. Each new level will create new difficulties in the implementation of the plan. Use free cheat codes Where’s My Water and hack for free.

Where's My Water codes

Laying the route from the pipes to the main character’s bath will be helped by different mechanisms, which can also help with water purification, if necessary. Bonus points in this game depend on the number of ducks that you collected during the task. Developers managed to create a childlike game that was not child-like, which could stretch to 120 levels. You can also use free hack Flight Simulator 2018 for Android and iOS.

The difference between this part of the game where’s my water from the previous one is that it can be purchased for free. The system free to play allows you to do this. From this all we can conclude that in the game you will be offered a large selection of necessary things that you can get in the store. Here is an example of some bonuses from the store: Vacuum, Filler, Sorbent. Download mod Where’s My Water for free.

How to hack Where’s My Water for free:

You can read about their importance for the main character in the game itself. The developers made small discounts for the fact that most of the newcomers are not aware of the possibilities of all the bonuses, and offer them a closer look at these bonuses when moving to new locations. Each player will receive several pieces of each of the bonuses that will help familiarize themselves with their properties, and then everything must be bought.

Where's My Water tips

If we talk about locations, then we can not say that they have been greatly updated. Developers of the continuation of the game “Where’s My Water” decided to change the system of locations and levels. The inclusion of new bonus levels, only attracts new fans of this genre, and not only. In these levels, you earn what you most need in the game – ducks. All this is necessary to make it possible to move to new locations. Here you will meet with the possibility of re-passing the levels, but with changes in the assignment. For example, the task can become such – “pass level upside down” or “pass level, without touching the duck”, it’s not only funny, but also very interesting.

About game process and Cheat codes:

Although the graphics in this game and does not play the main role, but the developers have taken care of this. The graphics here are much better than they were before. Perfectly detailed graphics, and animation helps emphasize the most minor details in the game. In order to believe this you need to play not only in the second part of the game, but also in the first, which can be done by downloading the original Swapi from our site. After that, you yourself can all appreciate.

Where's My Water codes

I will not hide the fact that the developers could not avoid all the shortcomings. As in any program (system), in this toy they too are. Despite this, this game turned out to be very interesting, unique, fascinating and helps to have a great time on the road or on vacation. It also forces you to attract the brain in your work so that it does not forget how to work logically. On the site you can download the full version and the hacked with unlocked all levels.

Cheat codes Where’s My Water Hack for free, Android and iOS:

  • Locksmith – All Mystery Locks – Dj-h3290fwch
  • All Allie Locks- Sq-2h9f8h
  • Sale Pack – Hx-2rq8d
  • Free All Cranky Locks – Gs-g2398dg
  • Locksmith – All Swampy Locks – Ux-h2grq98wd


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