Wild Blood hack is a legendary game that immerses the player in the epochal battles of the Knights of the Round Table with the hellish creatures. Plunge into the head of medieval reality will help a great 3D graphics. Implemented on a powerful revolutionary engine Unreal Technology. A colorful, detailed 3D world is waiting for you. And your hero is hard tests, grueling battles, 20 kinds of bloodthirsty enemies. The unending fighting game is interrupted by tasks. You have to flash with logic and help the hero to solve various secrets, rebuses and riddles. The hacked version of the downloading Wild Blood Mod is a lot of money. These are 10 levels of the game, full of brilliant fights with the forces of evil.

Secrets and Tips:

It is necessary to devote a few years to the history of the game. Arthur is the almighty king, is sent to deceive a powerful witch and concurrently his sister Morgana and opens the gates of hell. Through them, hordes of hungry hellish creatures rushed to the ground. Literally overflowing the kingdom in a few hours. In addition to the fact that your hero, Sir Lancelot. Is to cleanse the land of creatures and demons. He still needs to save Queen Gwynerv, whom Morgana also locked for Avalon Island.

Wild Blood mod

In order to release it, you have to go through 10 levels of play, akin to ten circles of hell. Kill hordes of enemies, and solve many riddles. In general, the developers of the game Wild Blood cheat codes for Cash, created for the android platform, promise that it will not be boring. And for players who want to play with friends to help come multiplayer mode for 8 players. Play team games, fight and save your queen!


Ancient England, the great battles between good and evil, a fascinating love line provoking war, and brave, valiant Lancelot, ready for anything for the sake of his beloved Queen Guinevere – the plot of the game cheats Wild Blood for Android keeps in suspense literally from the first seconds.

But whether the main character will be able to stay with his beloved – it’s up to you, because the desperate King Arthur prepared for the knight a terrible fate: he released the demons of Hell, with whom Lancelot is to fight. It was not without the witch Morgana, the sister of the king – she deceived her brother into doing the irreparable, and stole Guineverra. What awaits our hero, life or death? Will he save the lady of the heart, and will conquer all evil spirits?

Wild Blood cheat

Cheats for Hack Wild Blood for Android and iOS:

  • Get + 390 000 Cash – HF3ifc-C
  • Unlock 3 any Items  DJ3hif-T
  • No Ads- Wcu64o-B

Plunge into the ancient history of Great Britain, and rewrite it in a new way. The life of the brave characters of the game Wild Blood hangs in the balance, play, and rid them of evil fate. Good should win, and forever close the gates of Hell. Also, you can try the game Zombie Highway 2 hack for free.


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