Will Hero, this is a new, interesting timekiller for fans of action games. The game captures from the first launch, in it you can immerse yourself in interesting adventures and live exciting moments. The game was released by the well-known company ZPLAY, the creators of Beat Racer. Since the game is free and available for download for Android, iOS there are purchases. Crowns and new characters can be purchased for real money in the game store. Hacked Will Hero, this is an opportunity to get game sets for free and get additional resources in the game. Let’s learn more about the game itself and the hidden possibilities of promotional codes.

A fascinating, classic game

Since the game combines several genres, it quickly gained popularity. It contains elements of action, arcade, roguel and platformer. Downloading Will Hero for Android and iOS is free, here you will fight for the rescue of the princess. Hence you are waiting for a lot of enemies and a long adventure.

Will Hero hack

Starting to play you will not have weapons, at the first levels you can use jumps and accelerators. Destroy enemies and avoid obstacles, already at the second level you will be able to test weapons. Dozens of species bring variety to the gameplay, use bombs, swords and other items to deal damage to the enemy. Since at the end of each level you will receive rewards, you need to collect as many points as possible to get valuable prizes. In addition to basic bonuses and weapons, you can get magic and valuable equipment.

Game process

Firstly it’s an arcade, so it has very simple graphics and shapes. The same is an advantage, a simple system allows many players to download Will Hero mod and enjoy the gameplay. Unlock the character in the game for the game currency. So in the game are available knights, Vikings, princes, pets. Unlock the raccoon, dog, panda and even the unicorn to diversify the gameplay and get even more pleasure from it. Using the dragon, you can instill fear on the enemy.

Will Hero cheat

Controls in the game as simple as possible, you just need to tap on the screen to navigate, jump. Additional keys are responsible for using weapons, destroying monsters. The control system is very simple, having completed the first levels, everyone can effectively cope with tasks.

Graphics and sounds

Since the game is made in the style of 2D, it has a small weight and simple elements. This is an advantage, because more players can enjoy it on their smartphone. Despite this, it is very bright with beautiful and unique characters. Cheats Will Hero allow you to get game sets for free. Use crowns, unlock characters and get better results when passing. A very live sound system will help you immerse in travel and enjoy the game.

Will Hero mod

Gamers downloaded the game more than 5 million times, while the average score on Google Play is at 4.5. This is a very good indicator for such a popular game, it is constantly updated and new features are added. Support for Android platforms, iOS will allow everyone to enjoy the game and enjoy the gameplay. Cheat codes Will Hero a lot of money in the game can be obtained with the help of tricks and for this it is not necessary to download the mod, or to enter personal data. Using the codes, everyone can unlock paid characters and get additional crowns on the account for free.

Will Hero hack for Android and iOS:

• Piggy Bank – Vd_1U6754yBp
• 1200 crowns – CD_tze5urthS0L
• Warrior Pack – Zu_uu5ruhttfe
• Unicorn – D5_oD646theV
• The Dark Knight – KB_kSC564hM



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